Inspiring Vegetable Garden Bed Designs & Plans

Garden Bed Designs Ideas

Space Saving Modern Vertical Garden from ManMade

I love pretty Vegetable Garden Bed Designs!

Many gardeners are happy just growing in traditional raised garden beds. Others are craving more unique garden beds or designs to make their garden stand out from the crowd.

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Vegetable Garden Bed Designs & Plans

Garden Bed Designs Ideas

Garden Bed with real Bedframe from EmpressofDirt

Vegetable Garden Bed Designs & Plans

Potager spotted over at

Family Gardening Planning Book

Vegetable Garden Bed Designs & Plans

5 Year kitchen garden design plan from Motherearthliving

Keyhole Garden Bed Design
Keyhole Garden Bed from Blog

Herb Spiral Garden Bed Design

Our herb spiral

Childrens vegetable garden design

Children’s Garden from BetterHomesandGardens

Vegetable Garden Design & Plans

Compact Vegetable Garden from BoysLife

Grow a beautiful garden salad rainbow!

Colorful Rainbow garden salad garden bed

Contour beds for edible landscaping

Contour Beds for Edible Landscaping by Ecologiadesign

Garden Bed Designs Ideas

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  1. Hello! We are starting the interior of our 40 x 15 greenhouse. It is a long rectangle with a path down the center with entrances at both ends. We’re thinking benches along one side and 5-7 beds along the other side. Which of your links, posts, blogs, apps, or layouts would you recommend me to reference to start to build our layout? We want to primarily have vegetables along with our lemon tree. 🙂


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