Herbs for Self Love

Herbs can be a great way to promote self-love. Historically, herbs have been used in many cultures for medicinal purposes, even before classical medicine. Herbs are natural ingredients that, if used correctly, can play an important role in healing, relaxation, and gaining emotional stability.

Herbs can be used by anyone as an act of self-love and self-care. In the increasingly fast-paced lives that we live today, being able to take care of yourself is essential. Simple acts of self-love help us relax and reconnect with ourselves, which is necessary to support our energy levels, creativity, and inner peace. In the following article, we discuss herbs that will help you promote self-love, as well as explain in detail how to use them to achieve the best results.

Best Herbs for Self Love

Peppermint, rose, and lavender are just some of the best herbs for self love. These herbs help reduce stress and make a great part of your self-care routine.

Peppermint Herbs for Self Love


Peppermint is an aromatic summer-growing herb. It is one of the most popular herbs today with several known benefits for health. It has been extensively used in traditional medicine because of proven positive effects on different health issues. Peppermint’s medicinal use dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. Peppermint has also been reportedly used in Arabic and Chinese traditional medicine for a broad range of purposes.

Peppermint has been studied by medical researchers who confirmed its healing effect on high levels of stress. Researchers have suggested that peppermint has antimicrobial properties and is capable of easing symptoms of serious gastroenterological diseases. Peppermint is one of the most important herbs to be used for self-care, given its proven positive effect on health.

How to Use Peppermint for Self-love

There are many ways you can use peppermint for self-love. One of the easiest ways to use peppermint as part of your self-care routine is peppermint tea. You can buy dried peppermint leaves and boil them in hot water, which is good for your digestion; otherwise, you can add fresh peppermint leaves to your tea or water to infuse it with aromas that will help to calm your mind.

Another great way to use peppermint for self-love is peppermint oil, which you can easily make at home. To do so, crush fresh peppermint leaves in a jar, cover them with neutral oil of your choice, for example, olive or grapeseed oil. Cover the mixture with a lid and store it in a dark, cool place for three days. Then, remove the leaves, and your oil is ready. You can use your peppermint oil for aromatherapy when you need to reduce stress, add a few drops to your facial spray, or even cook with it.

Rose Herbs for Self Love

Roses can not only be used for decorative purposes but also as a multi-purpose herbal infusion that can be useful in your self-care routine. According to research, roses are one of the most ancient medicinal plants, cultivated for thousands of years, and used for healing and relaxation. In traditional Chinese medicine, roses are linked to life energy.

The most commonly used parts of these plants are rose petals, which are the beautifully fragrant part of the flower. Roses can be used as an act of self-love in many different ways, helping you to relax, find balance, and re-energize.

How to Use Rose Herbs for Self-love

You can use roses to make beautiful and healthy herbal tea. It is enough to add a teaspoon of dried wild rose to your tea mix to get a strong floral aroma and make use of the herb’s best healing qualities. Rose tea is a great source of antioxidants and contains Vitamins E and C which contribute to the healthy glow of your skin.

The use of essential rose oil also adds many benefits to your self-care routine. You can add rose oil for massage, which will help you relax and get better sleep. Additionally, rose oil can help you release anxiety when used for aromatherapy or mixed with skincare products.

Lavender Herbs for Self-love

Another great herb for self-love is lavender. Lavender is a beautiful herb recognized for its purple petals and sweet scent that can be very beneficial for one’s health and well-being. Lavender is thought to have originated from the Mediterranean and India, its history dating back at least 2,500 years.

Lavender is commonly used as a treatment for stress and anxiety, insomnia, and pain relief, which makes it very useful in promoting self-love.

How to Use Lavender Herbs for Self-love

Lavender is particularly useful when you struggle with sleeping. Lavender is known as a proven way to fight insomnia. If these are the problems familiar to you, try putting a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow before sleep; its calming aromas will help you relax and stop the thoughts running in your mind.

You can also make lavender spray water to keep yourself refreshed when the weather is hot. Just add a few drops of essential lavender oil to a spray bottle filled with water and spray yourself with this aromatic liquid whenever you need to pause and refresh. Finally, try adding fresh lavender flowers to your bath alongside some lavender-scented salt and essential oils. As an ultimate act of self-love, this ritual will help you feel reborn and relaxed.

Eucalyptus Herbs for Self-love


Leaves of the eucalyptus tree have been historically used to treat respiratory diseases and help pain relief. The evergreen eucalyptus trees originate from Australia, and their leaves have long been used for medicinal purposes. Eucalyptus trees vary significantly in terms of size and geography, yet commonly have dark green leaves and, sometimes, white flowers.

The leaves of the eucalyptus plants today are used worldwide as a basis of cough medicine, as well as for the production of eucalyptus essential oil for different uses.

How to Use Eucalyptus Herbs for Self-love

Eucalyptus is a powerful herb that can be useful in practicing self-care on a daily basis. Since eucalyptus essential oils are the easiest to find on the market, try purchasing a small bottle to use for various self-love rituals.

Essential oils made from this plant are a strong remedy that can be used for pain relief in different situations, be it menstrual cramps or tired muscles. Eucalyptus oil is a great skincare product that will help relieve symptoms like dry skin and itchiness. In addition, try using eucalyptus oil for stress management and relaxation: put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on your wrists and below your nose, and let the remedy do its work.

Chamomile Herbs for Self-love

Chamomile is another ancient herb that has been used for centuries in different cultures’ traditional medicine to treat stress-related disorders, as well as help digestion. This herb originated in Europe and Asia but is now being grown all over the world.

Throughout its long history of use in medicine, chamomile is said to be effective in the treatment of many conditions, including fever, headaches, common cold, indigestion, and insomnia, all of which clearly make it a powerful natural remedy to be safely used for personal self-care.

How to Use Chamomile for Self-love

The most common use of chamomile herb is in tea, which can be a great way of practicing self-love. Chamomile tea is one of the best ways to calm down your nerves after a long day. Its healing powers will help you clear your mind and relax, acting as a gentle sedative.

You can also incorporate chamomile tea into your skin routine. Its natural qualities help improve the glow of skin and reduce skin problems, like acne, as the herb reduces bacteria and acts as an antiseptic. Simply use chilled chamomile tea to rinse your skin or make a DIY face mask, mixing some cold chamomile tea with honey and aloe vera to give your skin a much-needed refreshment. In addition, you can use chamomile tea bags for dark circles under your eyes, as the herb will not lose its beneficial effects even after boiling.

Lemongrass Herbs for Self-love

Lemongrass might be a slightly less commonly known herb which, however, does not make it a less powerful one. South Asia is known to be the home of lemongrass; yet, today, this aromatic herb’s popularity across the globe is undeniable. Lemongrass has a distinct scent of lemon, but has no relation to the citrus fruit.

For centuries, in Sri Lanka and East India, lemongrass was being used to treat colds and fever. Today, it is a common ingredient used in cooking, cosmetics, as well as in traditional medicine across the world.

How to Use Lemongrass Herbs for Self-love

Lemongrass can be a great herb to practice self-love. For example, it can be used to make warming aromatic tea. Lemongrass tea has detoxifying qualities that will help you relax and restore balance in your body. You can make lemongrass tea simply by boiling fresh lemongrass or making tea using it in dried form. Keep in mind that lemongrass tea might take a bit longer to make, but it will be worth it in the end. Add some honey to your tea to sweeten it a little, and enjoy the beautiful combination of natural sweetness and freshness.

This herb can also make a great ingredient in preparing healthy and heart-warming foods – another way of practicing self-love. Lemongrass is commonly used in South Asian recipes, like Thai curry, or spicy Tom Yum soup.

Rosemary Herbs for Self-love

Today, rosemary is closely associated with Italian and French cuisine, but this fragrant herb is also known for its many beneficial qualities for health and emotional balance. Originating from the Mediterranean region, rosemary has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, thanks to its antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects. Rosemary is an evergreen herb that is easily recognized by its bitter scent and erect shape with leaves reminiscent of pine needles.

You can use this herb for self-care in many different ways, as it will have a positive effect on your nervous system and physical health.

How to Use Rosemary Herbs for Self-love

Apart from its widespread use in cooking, rosemary’s aromatic properties can help you find balance and peace. The simplest way to use rosemary for self-care is to find fresh herbs and place them somewhere in your room for fragrance.

Rosemary will fill your room with its natural bitter scent, as well as become a beautiful green decoration in your space. Additionally, you can take a fresh rosemary stick and rub it in your hands to make the scent more vibrant.

Another way of incorporating rosemary into your self-care is to make rosemary essential oil, which you can later use for massage or aromatherapy. To make the oil, put fresh rosemary in a jar, then fill it with olive oil. Cover with a lid, and place the mixture somewhere it can catch the sun for about a month, for example, your windowsill, to achieve the full effect.

After a month, take out the rosemary and pour your oil into a clean jar. You can use this oil for any self-care purpose you wish – add it to your dishes for extra fragrance, use it for massage, or use it in your skincare routine.

Herbs for a Happy Mood and a Better Life

Herbs can be a great way to step up your self-care routine. The use of aromatic herbs in dried or oil form can help you reduce stress with natural aromatic ingredients, restore your digestive balance, as well as enhance the glow of your skin. Using these seven herbs will help you practice self-love and find balance in today’s fast-paced life.

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