Wooden Greenhouses

Wooden greenhouses add a lot of visual appeal for home gardeners. A lot of the wooden greenhouses have a wood base, instead of your typical roll-up sides. The air ventilation occurs by opening the top windows instead.

Some gardeners mostly use wooden greenhouses for seed starting, others will grow full-sized plants like tomatoes in them. Our goal is to build one mostly for seed starting.

Although we use our 20×20 unheated winter greenhouse for year-round growing, we still have a goal of building a wooden greenhouse.

Wooden greenhouse for seed starting

Many wooden greenhouses will include raised beds on the edges which is build into the frame.

DIY Wooden Greenhouses

Greenhouse benches in a cedar wooden greenhouse

Cedar Built Greenhouse with Raised beds and Shelves from Cedar Homestead

Polycarbonate Covered Wood Framed Greenhouses

A great place to get greenhouse plans is Hobby Greenhouse which offers pdfs.

Wooden and brick greenhouse with cold frames #greenhouse

Gabriel Ash offers many great greenhouse designs and you can design your own!

I love that Gabriel Ash even shows your greenhouse pdfs to understand the size and dimensions of your chosen greenhouse.

Wooden Greenhouse Kits

Cedar wooden greenhouse kit

Cedar Homestead offers greenhouse kits like the one pictured above

Depending on where you live, there might be someone locally that makes wooden greenhouses. They will either sell you a greenhouse kit that you build, or, some might offer installation for you.

Try googling your location and wooden greenhouse. Some companies that sell greenhouse kits can likely ship many places, but check for shipping prices.

Summer Greenhouses (below) in the UK offers many greenhouses and ships.

Alton Evolution Octagonal 9x6 - Hybrid Cedar Greenhouse

Wooden Greenhouse Kit or DIY Wooden Greenhouse?

In general, if you buy a kit it can get expensive, especially if it’s shipped far. It can be cheaper to buy your own wood and make your own DIY greenhouse. Cedar is common to build raised beds or greenhouses because it lasts longer and doesn’t rot as quickly. Cedar wood however, can definitely cost more in upfront cost, but because it lasts longer it’s a good investment.

Remember the fancier your designs are, the more the wooden greenhouses costs.

Wooden greenhouse with cold frames

Wooden greenhouse with cold frames from Greenhouse Megastore

I hope to share our wooden greenhouse once we build it! Do you have a wooden greenhouse?

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