How to Plant a Lilac Hedge

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Lilacs are a beautiful and fragrant flower adored by many in the springtime.

Lilacs can also grow very large and are often used to create a lilac hedge. A hedge will create privacy while adding beautiful spring flowers. These flowers smell wonderful and attract butterflies and bees.

As we moved onto a new homestead in 2016 our focus has been on creating a food garden and a chicken coop, however, we also needed to create some privacy and so we planted a lilac hedge.

How to Plant a Lilac Hedge

Lilac Hedge Spacing

How much space apart lilac bushes need to fill in and create a hedge depends on the variety and how tall they get. Most lilacs end up reaching 8 feet tall (and can grow taller). However, pruning also helps to keep it to a manageable size.  We planted ours 4 feet apart after seeing that the varieties we planted spread 5-12 feet apart. We almost went with 5 feet but to make sure the hedge fills in quickly we spaced them at 4 feet apart.

Spacing for lilac hedge

You want to space lilacs that are 6 to 8 feet tall at maturity 2 to 4 feet apart. For the larger lilacs which are taller than 8 feet tall at maturity, plant about 4 to 6 feet apart.

If you prune too much it reduces flowering!

If you space lilacs closer together it reduces air circulation. This can make them more susceptible to disease such as powdery mildew. Observing the massive lilac hedges at the back of the property, they seem to be super healthy and seem very crowded.

Lilac Flowers: Pruning too much reduces flowering

How to Take Care of your Lilac Bushes

Because looking after and growing lilac bushes is new to me I looked up this information. Old Farmers Almanac has a guide on how to grow and take care of lilac bushes.

Planting a lilac hedge

I look forward to seeing how this hedge fills in!

We have a very large (or multiple plants clumped together) at the back of the acreage and it looks great in bloom. I will update the post with photos as our lilac hedge fills in and let everyone know how long it takes to grow into a hedge that creates privacy.

Multiple plants clumped together that looks great in bloom

How to plant a lilac hedge

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  1. Not sure how old this post is. Coming up on a year if planting was June 4, 2017.
    Will you be updating with new photos soon? I’d love to see how these bushes are looking in Spring 2018!

    • It’s been two years, a lot slower going than I thought. The large spruce that’s next to the lilac hedge row is casting a too much shade. I also need to boost them plants with some fertilizers as I haven’t done so yet.

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