Full Sun Plants

When you are planting flowers in your garden, you need to consider how much sunlight they will get during the summer gardening months. This is especially important if they aren’t potted flowers that can be moved around. You should really sit down and map out a flower garden planner to ensure the healthiness of your flower garden. It also might be a good idea to go for full sun plants if you live in a dry area of the world that is prone to drought.

If your location is extremely hot and sunny for more than just a few months in the summer, it is in your best interest to go for flowers that are native to your local area. This is so that you can be certain that the flowers you choose are right for your climate. If your summers are hot and sunny but not prolonged, then with the right care you can choose any sun tolerant plant you like the most.

flowers that can stay in sun all day

There are a few categories of flowers that grow well in the sun. You have the full-sun flowers that grow well in direct sunlight all the time. Then there are full-sun border flowers that thrive best on sunny borders all over the world. Finally, you’ve got flowers that grow annually in the sun, these are great for planting in areas of the garden that are exposed to constant sunlight.

The bottom line is, regardless of what category a sun-worshiping flower falls into, the most important thing is that it thrives in the heat. All you need to do is learn how to care for it properly and what to do for your flowers to stop them from getting destressed in the sun.

We are going to be looking at the most sun resilient flowers that can thrive best while being out in direct sunlight for hours on end and still look gorgeous and vibrant. After all, just because you live in a super hot and sunny area, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grow flowers in your garden. That would be really unfair!

Plants that Like Full Sun

1. Zinnias

Flowers That Can Stay in the Sun All Day: Zinnias

One of the most attractive things about this flower is that it comes in so many different colors. The reason it can be so difficult keeping your garden really colorful and vibrant in the sun is that most brightly colored plants don’t like direct sunlight. However, these beauties certainly do. You can also harvest zinnia seeds for the following growing seasons.

2. Petunias

Flowers That Can Stay in the Sun All Day: Petunias

Petunias look great in hanging baskets scattered around balconies, or at the entrance of your home. This is a great way of growing some flowers in a limited space. They can be planted in the ground if you prefer and you have the room for them. These days they are available in many different colors and sizes in local gardening centers.

3. Miniflora Roses

Flowers That Can Stay in the Sun All Day: Miniflora Roses

Miniflora roses grow in bushes much like traditional roses. Make sure you have enough space in your garden for them because they can grow to almost 5 feet in height.

4. Lavender

Flowers That Can Stay in the Sun All Day: Lavender

The smell of lavender in the hot summer air is simply priceless. Established lavender plants don’t even need to be watered much. So if you are busy and concerned that you won’t remember to water your plants daily, then lavender might just be the perfect garden plant for you.

5. Dahlia

Flowers That Can Stay in the Sun All Day: Dahlia
Dahlias love to be in the sun and grow beautifully in the heat. They will live longer if you can provide them with an hour or so of shade during the hottest time of the day. Don’t worry if you can’t shade your Dahlias, they will still be gorgeous and bloom all summer long.

6. Geranium

Flowers That Can Stay in the Sun All Day: Geranium
Although geraniums need a lot of sunlight, that doesn’t necessarily mean heat. They should grow in areas that reach about 21 degrees Celsius while being exposed to direct sunlight all day long. If your summer days get hotter than that then it’s probably best to go for another flower.

7. Tropical Milkweed

Flowers That Can Stay in the Sun All Day: Tropical Milkweed

Tropical milkweed looks interesting even before it blooms. Their bulbs look like little round red berries and once they bloom they become tiny yellow star-shaped flowers. Best of all… they are tall sun-worshiping plants that can provide shade for any shorter flowers that are planted next to them.

8. Peony

Flowers That Can Stay in the Sun All Day: Peony

This is another flower that requires a bit of room as it is a shrub. If you don’t like the idea of ants and bees coming to visit then stay away from peony because they do attract nectar loving insects with their strong scent and luscious color.

9. Yarrow

Flowers That Can Stay in the Sun All Day: Yarrow

Yarrows are great flowers to plant from seeds. They should take 21 days or less to germinate, although these flowers will germinate even faster in very hot climates that are extremely humid. You can replicate these conditions by covering the yarrow with a plastic sheet and spraying them with water regularly.

10. Daylily

Flowers That Can Stay in the Sun All Day: Daylily

Daylilies grow and multiply very quickly, which is great if you need to quickly fill up a large space in your garden that would otherwise be left bare.

It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between lilies and daylilies. Anyone that is not familiar with the two flowers would assume they were the same flower. The way to tell the difference is by looking at the leaves. Traditional lilies (Lilium) have curled leaves that wind around the stem. Long and thin leaves are typically attributed to a daylily (hemerocallis)

11. Sunflowers

Flowers That Can Stay in the Sun All Day: Sunflower

Of course, sunflowers love the sun. The good news is that you no longer need to have a field to grow them. Sunflowers can be as little as 1 foot in height, or grow to a whopping 12 feet. Buying the right size sunflower for your garden is important. You don’t want to find yourself stuck with a garden full of sunflowers that have completely taken over.

We covered 11 out of hundreds of flowers that can thrive in the sun all day. The above flowers are fairly low maintenance and a delight to grow. Also there aren’t just flowers that can thrive under full sun conditions. The rosemary tree is a plant are very hardy plants that don’t mind being in full sun.

Which flowers did you like from the above list? Make the most of the summer and fill your garden with beautiful full-sun flowers.

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