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Broccoli Leaves- a New Garden Super Food

Broccoli can be a challenge to grow Out of all the plants I've grown, broccoli and brussel sprouts are my nemesis. Sure I've enjoyed lots of sprouting broccoli, but never beautiful large heads. Broccoli plants dislike the summer heat, causing the plants to become too stressed and flower ... READ the POST

Nasturtium Flowers: Colors and Varieties

Nasturtium flowers make a fantastic addition to your home garden. The nasturtium flowers, seeds and leaves are edible (see recipes here). They also add beauty to your vegetable garden and are great for companion planting. Nasturtiums come many colors and have two growing habits: bush and ... READ the POST

Homesteading To Do Lists (Month-to-Month)

Want to learn how to homestead? Homesteading keeps you busy & there are many season tasks Homesteading will mean something different depending on where you live. It also changes whether or not you keep animals, want to preserve a little or a lot or the size of your homestead. The homestead ... READ the POST

ABC’s of Home Gardening for the Vegetable Gardener

Hello Vegetable Gardener! This gardening guide is a fun A to Z break down of certain gardening concepts. It offers beginners ideas and an introduction to gardening. You might new to gardening, or maybe you’ve grown a garden or two. The great thing about gardening is that there’s always something ... READ the POST

Grow a Pollinator Garden for Biodiversity

One thing I love doing in my garden is observing patterns and witnessing nature. Growing healthy fresh food is the main reason why I grow food, but  I also love to sit and observe things grow and the life buzzing in the garden.When you learn to build healthy soil you realize that it's the life ... READ the POST


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