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Spring Greens (Tender Spring Cabbages)

Spring greens are a cabbage variety that has a loose head. They taste sweet and tender, the leaves are thin and juicy. They're also called spring cabbages and are harvested mostly for their loose leaves instead of the dense heads. Some types such Tokyo Bekana (one of my favs to grow) doesn't form a ... READ the POST

January King & other Winter Cabbages

January King Cabbages are stunning They're also a stand out in the winter vegetable garden being cold hardy. I've had mine covered in snow and frosts and you can still harvest them. January king is a beautiful green and purple cauliflower that's color intensifies with the cold. This is an heirloom ... READ the POST

Wet Cough Remedies for Toddlers and Kids

Wet Cough Remedies for Toddlers can offer some relief A wet cough is a sign of a viral or bacterial infection. The body will create excess mucous to remove the bacteria or virus, resulting in a productive cough. This cough sounds 'wet' because the body is trying to expel the mucous. An important ... READ the POST

Herbs that Grow in Shade

There are many great herbs that grow in shade In fact, there are certain herbs that bolt if the weather gets too hot and prefer cooler weather. Some of these herbs are for culinary uses in your kitchen, other are medicinal herbs. Growing herbs in a shady spot close to your kitchen is perfect for ... READ the POST

Best Plants for Garden Edges & Fences

Garden edges and fences make wonderful areas to increase productivity. The outside edges of your garden are often an in the ground barrier against grass or weeds invasion. This is called garden edging, and they tend to work well.My garden edges are focused on vertical plants Because we ... READ the POST

Backyard Wooden Greenhouses and Designs

I love wooden greenhouses for the backyard home gardener Although we use our 20x20 unheated greenhouse for year-round growing, our goal is to build a wooden one too. A lot of the wooden greenhouse have a base of wood at the base, instead of your typical roll up sides. The air ventilation occurs ... READ the POST


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