Garden planning?

Purple Cauliflower, Green Cauliflower & Orange

Purple cauliflower is fabulous. So is green cauliflower and orange cauliflower.No they aren't fake, GMO or artificially dyed. Colorful cauliflower is natural and offers more nutrition than white cauliflower.I love growing cauliflower and making delicious cauliflower recipes. While you ... READ the POST

How to Grow Lavender from Seed

If you want to grow lavender from seed it takes patience. Like many perennial woody herbs, lavender can take a while to germinate and grow before you can plant it into the garden. This can be a deterrent for a home gardener, the seeds themselves can take a couple of weeks to germinate and then ... READ the POST

Lavender Room Spray using Essential Oils

I love lavender flowers and essential oil Our garden always includes a few lavender plants. Harvesting and drying lavender flowers is wonderful, and we enjoy fresh lavender mint tea. As much as I love fresh lavender, I also adore the scent of lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is a much ... READ the POST

Vegetable Garden Plans, Designs + Layout Ideas

Vegetable garden plans are needed before you plant your garden This is the fun and creative part of gardening-the garden planning and designing stages. If this is your first garden then you'll be establishing your garden beds. If you have a garden where you live or you've been enjoying gardening ... READ the POST

Chickens that Lay Blue Eggs

I love having chickens that lay blue eggs. Collecting a colorful basket of eggs makes homesteading more fulfilling. There aren't that many chickens breeds that lay blue eggs, but they're worth adding to your flock. Because we prefer to keep chicken breeds for eggs, it's a nice benefit that the ... READ the POST

Fresh Cherry Recipes other than Cherry Pie

Fresh cherry recipes are so tasty I still remember the first year we tried homesteading because there was a large 30 foot cherry tree. That summer was the first time we harvested and enjoyed fresh cherries, and we preserved them whole. The left over canning cherry flavored juice was divine and we ... READ the POST


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