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Here you will find my current eBooks that are available. I love focusing on garden planning, organization, and year-round gardening.


eBooks and ePlanners

1. Garden Pests and Diseases *NEW*

Family Food Garden: Garden Pests And Diseases

You’ll learn all about:

  • What to do about plant diseases like root rot & powdery mildew
  • How to treat plant diseases
  • How to handle pests, weeds & wildlife that ruin your crop in humane ways

Only for $29.99!

2. Gardening Zones: How to Garden in Every Environment *NEW*

Gardening Zones: How To Garden In Every Environment

Become an expert green grower wherever zone you are!

This eBook teaches you how to:

  • Fight sudden weather changes that could have devastating consequences for your leafy greens
  • Easily adapt your growing technique to suit your area’s weather and seasons
  • Stay on track with your gardening goals no matter what season it is

Only for $27.99!

3. Gardening 101: The ABC’s of  Gardening *NEW*

Gardening 101: The ABC's of  Gardening

This eBook contains everything you need to know about gardening!

It will help you:

  • Plan & design your garden (for beginners & even experts)
  • Learn basic how-to’s about gardening and growing plants & vegetables from home
  • How to create an accessible garden for elders & people with physical challenges

Only for $29.99!

4. 3-in-1 Bundle: Plan & Design Family Food Garden, Ultimate Garden Planner & Food Planting Guide *BEST SELLER*

3-in-1 Bundle: Plan & Design Family Food Garden, Ultimate Garden Planner & Food Planting GuideFood Garden Planting Guide

This top-selling 3-in-1 bundle is very popular!

Get the Planning & Designing The Family Food Garden ($19.99), Ultimate Garden Planner ($9.99 value), and the  Food Planting Guide ($9,99 value).

Only for $29.99!

5. Planning & Designing the Family Food Garden eBook

Planning & Designing the Family Food Garden eBook

This 145 page eBook is beautifully photographed and will help you grow more food with smart garden planning, learn what your family eats, maximize your garden bounty and create an awesome sowing schedule.

It also comes with a *BONUS* 30 page printable garden planner($9.99 value) to help you stay super organized for the season!

Only for $19.99

6.Ultimate Garden Planner

printable garden planner

This 23-page top seller printable garden planner is designed to help you create your planting schedules, make crop rotation notes, plan and design your garden, and much more! For any growing zone & year.

Only $9.99

7. Fresh Greens Growing Guide

Fresh Greens- Learn how to grow salad leaves and baby greens year-round!

This 60 pages guide will teach you intensive planting techniques, succession planting, how to understand your climate and choose the right greens to grow.

You’ll learn the seasonal flow from early spring overwintered greens, to using season extenders, growing greens in the summer heat and even into the frosts and snow of fall and winter. You’ll also learn how to grow lettuce and microgreens indoors.

Only for $27.99!

8. ABC’s of Home Gardening

ABC's of Home Gardening

Enjoy some fun basics of home gardening! This 39-page PDF file offers an A to Z guide that goes through some of the elements of home gardening for the beginner. Includes extra printable garden tables.

Only for $27.99!


(Only $0.99)

1. Herbal Garden Planner

herbal garden planner

8 Pages of printable plans for your herbal garden.

Only 99 Cents.

2. Botanical Garden Planner

botanical garden planner

15 Pages with beautiful graphics to help you plan your botanical garden.

Only 99 Cents.

3. Crop Rotation & Plant Families

Growing A New Garden? Crop Rotation & Plant Families

2 Pages of infographics to help you understand crop rotation and plant families.

Only 99 Cents.

4. Monthly & a Weekly Planner

monthly and weekly planner

2 Pages – A printable planner to get you set up with weekly and monthly tasks.

Only 99 Cents.

5. My Fun Garden Journal

fun garden journal

20 Pages of fun subjects about your garden to help you record and document your plans.

Only 99 Cents.

6. Homestead Planner

homestead planner

12 Pages of perfect planning for your homestead garden, including what to grow, how to budget, chicken keeping records, garden planning, and lots more.

Only 99 Cents.

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