Wonderful Lilac Flower Recipes

Lilac flowers are edible flowers abundant in the springtime. After we planted a lilac hedge, I was looking for ways to use up these pretty flowers other than having them at our table. You can use lilacs as an ingredient in many kitchen recipes, as well as home body care products.

Beautiful & Seasonal Lilac Flower Recipes

Gathering lilacs from a lilac hedge

Tips for harvesting lilac flowers

  • You can harvest any color, but the purple have the most vibrant color
  • Make sure your lilac flowers haven’t been sprayed
  • Pick in the early morning with cooler temperatures, rather than the heat of the day
  • Wash and dry your flowers before use
  • Handle them gently

This post shares recipes for culinary lilac recipes and even lilac wine!

10 Great Lilac Flower Recipes & Uses

Make lilac syrup and create a lilac infused drink

I love this drink & lilac syrup recipe from Holly & Flora

Lilac Honey Cake Recipe

Lilac Honey Cake from Homespun Seasonal Living 

Lilac Sugar Recipe

Lilac Sugar from Honest Cooking

Lilac cheesecake

Beautiful lilac flower cheesecake from the Unconventional Baker

Make lilac jelly

Lilac Jelly from Makkas Kitchen

Lilac wine

Wine recipe from And Here we Are

Meringues with Lilac & Lemon Curd Recipe

Meringues with Lilac & Lemon Curd from Nitty Gritty Life

Lilac flower cocktail

Make a Lilac cocktail from Deco Tartelette

Lilac custard tarts

Yummy Lilac custard tarts from Gather VictoriaLilac dessert recipe

Another Creamy lilac dessert from Gather Victoria

What is your favorite way to use lilacs?

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