Grow a Rainbow Salad Garden Bed

Rainbow Salad Garden Beds are so pretty! I was inspired to grow a Rainbow Salad Garden Bed for our family.

What a perfect way to have edible landscaping in such a pretty shape with fresh healthy vegetables. Of course, this rainbow edible landscaping is on a much larger scale than what we’re growing here at home.

These photos are from the beautiful Eden Project in Cornwall, England. They also have huge biodome conservatories full of beautiful tropical plants like the copper plant. What a wonderful botanical garden this would be to visit!

Beautiful edible landscaping with a rainbow garden bed (the Eden Project)

(photo credit: APEX/The Eden Project)

Beautiful edible landscaping with a rainbow garden bed

(photo credit: The Eden Project)

Our Rainbow Garden Salad Bed

We sowed our rainbow garden salad bed this past week with kale, 3 different kinds of lettuce (light green, dark green and red), spinach, red beets and yellow beets.

Grow a beautiful rainbow garden salad bed!I also sowed some peppermint swiss chard at the top two corners, calendula flowers on the side and sunflowers with a butterfly wild flower blend behind the rainbow salad bed.

Here’s what the bed looked like a month after sowing.

Rainbow shaped garden salad bed

Have you ever grown a rainbow shaped garden bed?

Edible Landscaping! Grow a beautiful garden salad rainbow! Healthy and pretty.


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  1. Lovely inspiration! I garden on a slope and have built terraces. The verticals of the terraces are often cluttered with weeds and grass. I have also allowed walking/weeding space between rows, thus not utilising all the space for growing. I see in this lovely project that the gardeners seem to have kept the slope rather than terraced it, and work on the plants by standing between them rather than from allocated footfall space. Is this a better way to use the space? Thanks,


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