The Family Food Garden Book

Grow an amazing food garden Plant your best food garden!

Do wish to increase garden yields?

Do you want to learn more about garden planning?

Planning & Designing the Family Food Garden eBook

Learn what you buy from the store & figure out the best crops to grow

Top ways to maximize your garden bounty

Plan an amazing gardening season & planting schedule

How to grow food

What is a Food Garden?

A food garden is about growing a lot of your own food with vegetables, fruits and herbs. My book will help you plan and design a fantastic backyard food garden based on what you buy and what you can grow in your location. I’ll also teach you the top ways to increase yields in small spaces.

This require smart garden planning!

Grow lots of food for your family!

We grow 80% of our vegetables from May-November

& preserve lots for the off-season.

Grow lots of food for your family!

Did I mention we live in Canada?

Whether you have a balcony or a full-sized acreage, you can supplement your monthly grocery bills with fresh homegrown goodness.Grow an amazing food garden this year

 It all starts with smart garden planning.

My Goal is to Help You!

Start denting your grocery bill with smart garden planning

Planning & Designing the Family Food Garden- Book Cover

This ebook comes with my BONUS 31 page Food Garden Planting Guide

31 Pages Food Garden Planting Guide

This Book Will Teach You:

  • The basics of garden design.
  • Factors in deciding what to grow.
  • Figure out what your family eats and spends on produce.
  • How to maximize your food production with 20 methods.
  • Grow the most profitable crops to really dent your grocery bill.
  • How to design your garden & offset the costs on new garden beds.
  • The basics of succession sowing for increased productivity.
  • How to select your seeds and when to sow your crops.
  • Creating an awesome sowing and transplanting schedule.
  • How to practice crop rotation for healthier soil.
  • Advanced crop rotation: when you practice intensive or companion planting.
  • Creating a back up plan with crop failures.
  • Learn how you can expand your garden and knowledge over the years.
  • How to write a garden journal.

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BONUS planting guide for only $6.99

Planning & Designing the Family Food Garden eBook & Free Food Garden Planting Guide

About the Author:

Isis LoranIsis Loran has been growing healthy organic food for her family for almost a decade. Through trial and error, experimentation with over 200 varieties and applying many gardening techniques she’s learned to maximize food production and dent her family’s monthly grocery bill. She lives in the Canadian mountains of British Columbia (West Kootenays) with many months of snow but that doesn’t stop her from winter gardening and pushing her climate limitations. She loves permaculture, heirlooms, photographing vegetables & homeschooling her 4 children.


Figure out what your family buys & spends on produce to plan your best garden ever!

Figure out what your family buys & spends on produce to plan your best garden ever!

10 thoughts on “The Family Food Garden Book”

  1. Good for you for encouraging gardening. Everyone should know how and try it. There are so many benefits besides food that a garden can provide. I hope you have lots of sucsess. A lifetime lover of my gardens. Paula

    • Thank you very much Paula 🙂
      We’re actually moving to flat land (instead of a mountainside) this month so we’ll be able to increase home food production even more. I’m looking really forward to sharing how we build our new garden space with everyone.

  2. Hi, Lorna I get interested with your book…but I can’t afford to buy one. But thank you for sharing your beautiful and exciting experience about family food garden. Hope to do gardening very soon…God bless you.

  3. Are you hard copy books no longer available? I may be missing it, but I’ve spent some time on your book page and I just don’t see a button to select to purchase the hard copy. If I click on the book in the e-book section it takes me to a shopping cart — but that doesn’t work for the hard copy. A button that says “Purchase Book Here” would be helpful. A button that says “Purchase E-book Here” would be helpful, too. I’d really like to purchase your book. Would you please explain to me how to purchase it?

    • Hi Laura,

      At this time I do not have a hard copy option for the book, sorry. I’ve been sourcing out printed options and I’m hoping it will be available as a hard copy for Nov/Dec. We’re in the middle of moving our homestead so it had to be placed on the back burner.

  4. Hi! back in August you had mentioned to the previous comment you might get into the Hard Book Copy by Nov-Dec… i was just wondering if you might be selling the hard copies after all? Thank you!

    • Hello!

      Unfortunately some of the images in the book don’t have enough resolution to be print quality. I have to go through the whole process of reformatting the book and adding new photos but I need to take new stock photos as I’m currently out. Not sure if you know but we moved in the summer of 2016 so our garden was very short lived which was a lost opportunity for my photography. I’ll be taking all the new photos with our garden summer 2017. I’m sorry this is such a process! The downside of self publishing 🙁
      I have a second book that’s currently being written and my goal is to get both books in hardcopy by the holidays 2017. I’m sorry…

  5. Hello Isis,

    My wife and I both love your Pinterest page. The information you provide has been very good, and it has helped us make some crucial gardening decisions. However, we still need to learn more. But, then, I reckon we’re always learning. And, that’s a good thing.
    I’m going to show my wife your book when she gets home. I believe this will be a good guide for us to add to our knowledge base. Especially, in our area of the country, the Pacific Northwest.

  6. Also interested in a hard copy… e books are too difficult for this 70 yr old avid gardener. I’m looking to increase food production through extended season and expansion…I’m in northern Ontario zone 4


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