Small Backyard Garden Ideas & Tips

Beautiful small backyard gardens

Small backyard gardens can be lovely.

Just because you’re tight on space, doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with flowers, herbs or even some garden veggies. You might only have space for containers, or maybe you have some space for a couple of garden beds. When deciding how to set up your small backyard, you’ll need to follow some tips to plan and design your small backyard space.

Backyard patio herb gardenPlanning & Designing your Small Backyard Garden

Before planting your small backyard garden, you’ll need to:

Pay attention to sunlight. You’ll need to figure out if your backyard gets a little bit of sunlight or a lot. How many hours of sunlight you get will determine what plants, veggies, bushes, flowers or herbs you can grow. The good news is that there are plant options for a shade garden if you get little sunlight. If you’d like a veggie garden 6-8 hours is best. Many flowers require sunlight too. To sun map your garden, observe the sunlight and count how many hours of sunlight you get, and how often your backyard is shaded. Tall trees like the Japanese umbrella pine, bushes, or your home can create shade and reduce light for gardening.

Containers are great for small backyard gardens

Containers are great for space saving gardening in small backyards. You can grow vegetables in containers, as well as flowers and herbs. Keep your containers watered as they can dry out faster than gardening in beds.

Use the square foot gardening method

Many gardeners claim that the square foot gardening method works excellent if you’re limited on gardening space. Williams-Sonoma has these easy to plant square foot gardening plans for you. Here are some more tips for increasing yield with veggie gardening in small garden spaces if you do have garden beds.Square foot gardening method

Plant & Plate has an excellent post on square foot gardening and spacing. Read the full post here

Square foot garden spacing and plans

Add Contrast and Color to your Containers

Use opposing colors and textures to give the most life to your containers. You can do this with ornamental plants or veggies. Here’s a list of purple veggies you can grow to mix with your green ones. Here are more tips for edible landscaping and creating contrast.

Small backyard flower gardening in containers

Arrange containers around your patio area for a pleasing backyard garden ambiance.

Small backyard garden ideas

Use your Backyard Edges

Whether it’s your fence-line or home, you can increase growing space by planting on the edges leaving the center of your garden for a patio or play area. Plant trees on the north side so your garden gets the most sunlight.

Planting on the backyard edges

Use Vertical Growing Space

By growing upwards, you’re getting the most use of your garden. Here are lots of vertical gardening ideas and here are some inspiring raised garden beds. 

Vertical gardening

What are your best small backyard growing tips?

Small Backyard Gardening Tips: Space saving garden ideas

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