Best Plants for Fence Lines and Garden Edges

Garden edges and fences make wonderful areas to increase productivity.

The outside edges of your garden are often an in-the-ground barrier against grass or weeds invasion. This is called garden edging, and they tend to work well.
Garden edging to block out grass

My garden edges are focused on vertical plants

Because we have to protect our garden from elk and deer, a 8 foot fence is around a lot of our perimeter. This fence line is perfect for an easy garden trellis that stays in the same place year-to-year.

I love using garden fences as another opportunity for harvests or flowers.

Grow pumpkins and squash up garden fences to make a great use of garden edges

Best Plants for Garden Edges and Fence Lines

  • Pumpkins and winter squash
  • Sweet peas for fragrant flowers
  • Shell peas for a tasty snack
  • Scarlet runner beans for a late season dry bean
  • Grapes as a perennial fruit

I love to grow flowers on the edges too.

Beautiful and productive garden borders and edges

This helps keep busy bees to the outskirts of the garden. It’s also very pretty to have flowers on the edges. Cosmos flowers are some of my favorites to grow, as are the long blooming summer flowers.

Below you can see lavender and grapes against the garden fence to make a productive use of garden edges

Lavender and grapes against the garden fence to make a productive use of garden edges

Climbing plants create shade for broccoli and lettuce.

Although by the end of summer the lettuce below bolted, the broccoli and greens grown under partial shade lasted far longer in the garden before bolting. Below you can see squash vines intermingling with grapevines and sweet pea flowers.

Climbing plants create shade for broccoli and lettuce

Your garden edges are also great for perennial flowers.

That way they’ll self-sow but stay on the edge line instead of the middle of your garden. Flowers like California poppies, bachelor buttons, or calendula are great for this.

Bronze calendula is such a pretty flower

The edges are also great for tall plants like sunflowers.

Sunflowers or other tall plants like sunchokes, corn etc, can shade out other plants in your garden. If you grow them on the edges, they won’t reduce precious sunlight onto your other crops.

Bee Loves Sunflower

Have you grown plants up your garden fence line to make use of garden edges?

Great Plants For Garden Edges + Fences

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