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Growing Sunflowers & Fun Types

Growing sunflowers

Sunflowers are such a cheerful garden flower

and the bees love them!

Bees love them so much that many of my garden sunflower photos have ended up with bees in them as well! There’s rarely been a gardening year that I don’t grow a small or large patch of sunflowers. There are many colors of sunflowers other than yellow like red sunflowers, there are also different types of sunflower heights.

This post will talk about growing sunflowers, types of sunflowers like dwarf sunflowers or giant, show you sunflower varieties and colors

Growing sunflowers

Some things to keep in mind with growing sunflowers is blooming time and size

Certain sunflowers bloom mid to late summer, others not until Sept or Oct. Your frost dates will be important to pay attention to as you want the blooming times to be before then. I like growing a mix sunflower patch of spread out blooming times, height and colors.

Sunflowers come in many shapes and sizes

Some sunflower types like Giant sunflowers reach huge sizes, 14 feet is common

These are great if you love sunflower seeds because they have the largest sunflower head. You harvest the head at the end of the season and dry it to get the seeds. The birds love them though, so you’ll have to be quick or you can leave some in your garden for them.

Giant sunflowers take up a lot of space, make sure you have room!

There are dwarf sunflower varieties that are great for smaller backyards

Instead of growing super tall, dwarf sunflower varieties are only 2-4 feet tall. They tend to have smaller sunflowers and earlier blooming times.

Dwarf sunflowers are perfect for small gardens and bloom earlier

Although most sunflowers are yellow, others are red or orange

Red Sunflowers are stunning in a fall gardenAutumn sunflower colors

You can even get ‘teddy’ fuzzy sunflowers!

Fuzzy teddy sunflowers are super fun to grow

I love seeing sunflowers open & unfold

How to grow sunflowers

Growing sunflowers is pretty easy. Sunflowers are prefer full sun and are drought tolerant. They will grow in any well-drained soil, although they do appreciate some compost. Some people add born to create larger heads for seed, but I haven’t tried that yet. The main thing to pay attention to it that sunflowers are considered allelopathic. This means they can actually reduce or prevent germination and growth in the surrounding plants because of toxins released in the roots. We often grow pole beans up sunflowers too, even with the alleopathy.

Planting a sunflower house or fort

You can plant them into a sunflower house if you have kids!

Sunflower house spacing from your easy garden

What is your favorite sunflower type & color?

Grow a sunflower fort or teddy fluffy sunflowers


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  1. I too love all varieties of sunflowers, I did plant pole beans in the same space and they both did well.. I plant them for pure pleasure of watching them grow and to see the bees go at them.. my grandkids help me..

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