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Grow Bachelor Buttons (Cornflowers)

Cornflowers come in many pretty colorsBachelor buttons (also called cornflowers) are a magical looking flower

They look like fairy dresses

These flowers are very easy to grow and are drought tolerant. They’ll bloom most of summer, and even into fall as a come and cut again flower. They make a great addition to your summer blooming cutting flower garden. Bees absolutely love them so they’re also great for attracting wild pollinators. I use them as a cutting flower, but I’ve seen them in tea blends before and they have skin care and herbal uses.

Cornflowers come in many colors

Cornflowers come in many pretty colors

Blue cornflowers (Bachelor Buttons)

Blue cornflowers (bachelor buttons)

White and light purple cornflowers

White & light purple cornflowers

Bi-Color CornflowersStriking bi-color Cornflowers (Bachelor Buttons)

How to grow Cornflowers

These flowers are very easy to grow and will germinate and grow in poor soil. Be mindful of where you plant them, they easily re-seed so you’ll end up with them next year (you can always weed them out). These flowers require very little growing effort, which is why I love them so much. When you buy cornflower seeds, they’ll mention the color they are or be a blend of many. All you have to do is scatter the seeds and lightly cover with soil. Don’t plant them in rich soil.

Cornflowers are wildflowers, and are on the invasive species list for some places. Once you plant them, it’s super easy to have a patch year-to year.

If you want prolonged blooming keep removing the deadhead flowers to slow down them going to seed.

Grow cornflowers (bachelor buttons)

Have you grown these pretty flowers before?


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