Portable Mini Greenhouses for your Garden

Portable mini-greenhouses can be perfect for certain garden crops.

Although mini-greenhouses aren’t as useful as a larger greenhouse, they still have some great benefits to your gardening.

Mini hoop tunnel for certain garden crops

Portable Mini Greenhouses Types

  • Ones that have shelves & a frame that you can grow inside or outside
  • Small tunnel frames that use greenhouse plastic that go over garden beds

The main reason we use our portable greenhouses are for seed starting and transplanting seedlings into the garden.

Mini hoop tunnel with raised garden bed

Because mini greenhouses don’t offer much height, there are certain crops that you won’t be able to grow in them.

Crops that need more height such tomatoes or full grown peppers will need more space, but I use the portable hoop tunnel greenhouses to protect seedlings in the spring.

Below you can see a low tunnel we built with PVC pipes and greenhouse plastic to give it enough height to grow peppers under

Low tunnels to grow peppers in for that greenhouse effect

Protecting seedlings from harsh weather elements in the spring gives them a better chance to grow and mature.

mini greenhouse tunnels help to protect spring seedlings from snow

This is especially true in short season climates where snow can happen late spring!

Mini Greenhouse for Seed Starting

Indoor mini greenhouse for seed starting

If you really want to protect seedlings in the spring, grow your own transplants from seed, grow shorter crops like herbs or shorter flowers then mini portable greenhouses are perfect to add to your gardening.

Do you use mini portable greenhouses in your garden?

Portable mini greenhouses

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