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Grow Lights & Indoor Greenhouses

Are you interested in grow lights & a mini greenhouse for indoor gardening?

When I’ve shared posts such as growing microgreens inside or seed starting 101, I get asked a lot about our indoor greenhouse and grow light set up.

Today I wanted to show you the grow lights & mini greenhouse we’re using

We’ve grown indoor baby greens, herbs, microgreens of course, hundreds of seedlings every spring!

The grow lights we’re using for indoor gardening

We’ve been using sunblaster grow lights now for 7 years. We have 5 bulbs and have only replaced one of them (& I think it was our fault that it stopped working!). While I haven’t tried other grow lights, these ones have worked great for us. I’d love it if you could share your favs in the comments!

The grow lights I’d love to invest in are the large LED Grow Lights.

They cover a better surface area than the sunblaster ones we’re using.

Our mini greenhouse & grow light setup

We’ve used this 3 tier mini greenhouse for 8 years now.

The plastic cover of our mini greenhouse has become too old and the zipper broke so it needs replacing. We use a 2 foot sunblaster grow light with reflector on each shelf. Although the plants get better light if one tray was under each light, we double them up and rotate the pots. Because we start so many seeds indoor I’ve been tempted to add a second set up with a 4 tier indoor greenhouse with more lights. Since we’ve purchased our grow lights they came out with LED ones. Our grow lights are the T5 High Output Fluorescent.

Indoor gardening grow light set up

Sunblaster also carries these mini greenhouses that don’t take up too much space, perfect for growing herbs!

Although grow lights and a mini greenhouse can be an investment, I think they’re well worth it in the long run!

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  1. I have had great success growing seedlings, carrots, herbs, lettuces, even heat loving starts like tomatoes, cucumber, squash, melons, etc. with your basic Lowes shop lights! They are very affordable, easy to access no matter where you live, and effective! I have grown food on shelves I built in my garage and a pantry outfitted with shop lights! You really can grow food just about anywhere and very affordably!

  2. Hi Isis 🙂
    I’m in a zone 4-ish and I have a pretty short season. Mind you last summer frankly sucked! I read through Eliot Coleman’s, and Niki Jabbour’s books. I followed the cold frame ideas and set up my winter garden outside. Poor plants are either dead or frozen solid in our -25 weather. I need another setup because the grocery store lettuces are poor at best and they actually make me ill. I even tried growing lettuce in a pot by my sunny window and they all died. I love your idea! I spent some time doing research and see that it could be about a $500 investment for the lights, but over the years, that is well worth it. Thanks for the post! This is in my future!! 🙂

    • I’ve heard some gardeners having a little success with winter gardening in zone 4 but the plants are mulched, then a double tunnel. It gets to be -20C here so we’re right at that line. It also takes practice though,and depends on the winter. I tend to give myself January off of gardening them grow lettuce indoors once I start seed starting early Feb.

      Wishing you all the best for your outdoor and indoor gardening 🙂

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