Indoor Spring Plants

A spring garden can help with that last stretch of winter.

Usually, in the springtime, we’re craving fresh harvests or to be surrounded by the beauty of things growing again. For many locations, it’s still too cold to plant outside but you’re still craving some indoor greens or flowers. Perhaps you don’t even have an outdoor garden but want to get that fun spring garden vibe going.

Growing an indoor spring garden is a cheerful way add spring into your home.

Fun spring garden projects for indoor gardening

Indoor Gardening Ideas

Whether you’re chilling and forcing bulbs to flowers in water, growing indoor microgreens, indoor herbs, or seedlings, indoor spring garden projects are a great way to enjoying gardening before you can outside.

Seed starting for an early spring garden

Seed starting will help you grow your seedlings ready for spring gardening.

Indoor Microgreens

Indoor microgreens for healthy fresh indoor food

Growing lettuce indoors before transplanting into your spring garden

Grow lettuce indoors and then transplant some of them into your spring garden

Herb Garden Kit

Indoor herbs are tasty and easy with an indoor herb garden kit

How to force bulbsForce bulbs to get early blooms indoors. Healthy Life Forme shows you how.
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Pretty Paperwhite Flower

Pretty Paperwhite flower centerpiece from Camille Styles

Seedlings in strawberry containers

Use these cheap indoor mini greenhouse ideas to grow

Growing indoor green onionsTry growing green onions from your cut off roots! Kalyn’s kitchen shows you how.

Printable garden planner

While it’s not visually growing food, using a garden planner is a great way to get excited about a spring garden!

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