Best Starter Herb Garden Kits

Starter herb garden kits are super easy if you’re new to gardening and wish to want to plant your first indoor kitchen herb garden.

Although there are many culinary herbs to enjoy, these kits offer the basic and most common ones you see in dishes.

Growing an indoor herb garden with a herb garden kit means fresh herbs right in your kitchen for easy access anytime. If you’re developing your green thumb, herb garden kits are great for you to practice.

Whether you know someone who loves cooking, indoor gardening, herbs or you need something fun for kids, indoor herb garden kits make the perfect gardener or Mother’s Day gift.

Indoor Herb Garden Kits (a Great Gardener Gift!)

Top Kitchen Herb Kits

Here are the herb garden kits, from basic and simple for kids to hydroponics! Most of them are cute and simple though. Enjoy!

Indoor Herb Garden Kits (a Great Gardener Gift!)

Beautiful Herb Garden Kit from Terrain

Plant Herbs with a Herb Garden Kit (a Great Gardener Gift!)

Herb Garden Kit from Planters Choice

Herb Garden Kit

Cute Herb Garden Kit from Enterra

Mason Jar Herb Garden Kit

Cute Mason Jar Herb Garden Kit from Modern Sprout

Herb Garden Kits

 Self Watering Passive Hydroponic Herb Garden Tub from Window Garden

There are also some other DIY self-watering planters that you can make for your herb garden.

Plant Herbs with a Herb Garden Kit (a Great Gardener Gift!)

Herb Garden Kit from Planter Pro

Gifts for Gardeners

Herb Garden Kit from Nature’s Blossom

Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Hydroponic Indoor Garden Kit from Click & Grow

Herb Garden Kits for Kids

Herb Garden Kit from Backyard Safari

Indoor Aero Garden

Fancy Indoor AeroGarden Herb Kit

Gardener giftsItalian Herb Kit from Toysmith

Indoor Herb Container Garden

I hope you enjoyed this post on Indoor Herb Garden Kits.

Remember that these herb garden kits are a fun introduction to herb gardening but I highly recommend you grow them outside as well if you have the space. Companion planting herbs is also a great ideas as it helps to deter aphids and other garden pests. You can also grow a medicinal herb garden if you love making your own handmade home, body and healing products.

Grow an Indoor Herb Garden with a Herb Garden Kit

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  1. I have been looking for a herbal garden starter kit! Since I am new to the whole gardening thing, I didn’t want to buy something without a recommendation. Thanks for sharing. This is just what I was looking for!

  2. What is the brand of the culinary herbs kit? There is no mention that I could find. I would love to have the answer so I can order it ASAP. Thank you.


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