Mother’s Day Gifts that are Meaningful

Mothers day gifts mean more when they’re personal.

You can go to any big box chain store and just pick something up, but why not try to make your mothers day gift more meaningful?

When choosing a gift for moms, it helps to know a little more about her interests. What are her hobbies? What does she do with her spare time? If she likes watching wildlife run around in her backyard, you can make a DIY squirrel feeder.

Gift ideas for mom

When moms were asked what they wanted most, they wanted:

  • sleep
  • a clean house
  • spa day
  • more time to workout
  • hang with friends
  • get a break from the kids
  • to be appreciated

Most of these answers aren’t ‘things’ that you buy, but desires to live a more balanced life.

Because as a busy working from home mom I can tell you that balance is the hardest thing to juggle.

Moms want to feel appreciated because being a mom is exhausting. Possibly sharing some funny mom memes will lift her spirits up on Mother’s Day.

You can focus on helping mom with those lists of desires like offering to clean the house, buy her a spa day, or offer your time  to look after the kids. If you can’t offer your time, here are some gift ideas.

Meaningful Gifts for MomGifts for the Cooking Mom

Here are some ideas for the mom that loves to make those home cooked meals. Some of these gifts are practical, others funny (or even a dash of inappropriate).

Personal chopping board

Personalized chopping board from

Oven mitts

Blue Q oven mitts & towels are funny or full of adult humor if your mom is into that sort of thing (warning, many contain swear words, if your family isn’t into that skip on ahead to the pretty apron).

Oven mitts

A pretty apron set from mommy & me

A Pretty Apron Set for Mommy and Me

Pretty rolling pins

We bought these rolling pins one Christmas and they were a big hit. We got my mother in law a star wars one because (for real) she loves star wars. From pretty, to Christmas, to animation favorites, these rolling pins are great for making cookies look great.
Pretty Rolling Pins

Spoil your mom with Kitchen Aid

For practical kitchen gifts, kitchen aid makes amazing & useful products. I also love that you can choose your moms favorite color or kitchen color theme!

Kitchen Aid - Practical kitchen gifts!

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

These gifts are personal, whether engraved or meaningful in other ways.

Custom Star Maps

The Night Sky custom star maps

These stars maps show you what the stars look like on a particular special day of your choice. Moms birthday? Daughters birth date? Anniversary? These make a great gift.

Family milestone wall art

Family milestone wall art

Wooden wall art

Wooden wall art from

Gardener Gift- Seed Gift Certificate

Gifts for the Gardening Mom

Some ideas for the gardening mom include live plants from your local garden center. Unique gardening pots with her name on them, pretty gardening tools, seed gift certificates. One thing to think about with gardening gifts, is whether or not they prefer floral gardens or veggie gardens. You can make a DIY squirrel feeder to give as a gift.Gardener Mom Gift: Pretty Gardening Tool Set

Gardening tool set from Scuddles

Gardener gifts to love: Floret Farm Cut Flower BookFloret Farm cut flower garden book

Gardener Gifts to Love

Gathering basket from Gardeners

Gardening Mom Gift: Hanging planter

Hanging planter from la Jolie Muse

Gardening Mom Gift: Personalized stepping stones

Personalized stepping stones from

doTERRA starter kits

Self Care Gifts for Mother’s Day

Self care mom gifts include a day at the spa, her favorite perfume or make up, perhaps a maid service, gift certificate to get her hair done or her favorite clothing store.

As a mom I love using essential oils for that quick emotional therapy.

There are many brands of essential oils out there, but I’ve fallen in love with the high quality of doTERRA.

doTERRA Canada

Balance is a grounding blend that moms love.

doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Enrollment KitThe emotional aromatherapy kit

These oils are amazing and offer your mom some emotional aromatherapy support. Each soil is based on a mood. The kit includes a diffuser.

doTERRA Aromatherapy Infographic

The emotional aromatherapy oils also come in convenient roll ons.

doTERRA Touch - Emotional AromatherapyThe family essentials kit is perfect to offer your whole family essential oil support.

doTERRA Enrollment Kit Family Essentials and Beadlets

You can order doTERRA essentials oils at wholesale or retail from me here.

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