Painting Terracotta Pots

Make your garden stand out by igniting your inner artist and draw unique patterns on your terracota pots. Having colorful plant pots inside or outside your home can really liven the place up and add a spark to a summer garden, or perk the place up during a gloomy winter. 

We have put together a complete flower pot painting guide that covers everything from the equipment needed to drawing designs and ideas. Follow these simple steps and more importantly get artsy!

DIY Painting Terracotta Pots Supplies

1.Outdoor or Multi-Surface Paint

There is nothing more frustrating than taking the time out to breathe a gorgeous painting, only to realize that you used the wrong paint and therefore can not put it where you wanted to. If you use multi-surface or outdoor paint you can put the plant pots outside without worrying if the paint will run in the rain. 

2. Flowerpots

Get some plain ceramic flowerpots, not plastic pots so that the paint sticks to it better.  

3. Mixing Tray

This can be an old, chipped plate or a piece of cardboard. Paint is always very bright straight out of the tube, so being able to mix it up will allow you to use the exact colors you want.

4. Small Glass 

The glass should be filled with water and placed on your workstation ready for cleaning the brush from time to time. 

5. Drying Rack 

Using a drying rack to dry your flower pots will stop the paint from sticking to the table and ruining the paintwork. 

6. Paint Brushes 

Invest in a variety of paint brushes ensuring you have thick enough brushes for block colors and thin brushes for those finer details. 

7. Pencil

Having a soft, sharpened pencil to hand will help you stencil your ideas onto the pot first. 

Painting on Terracotta Pots (Step-By-Step) 

1. Set Up Your Station

Line up all of your paints and colors on the table so that they are in reach and easy to grab. It might be a good idea to put a plastic sheet on the table if you are painting at home and not in a garage so that you don’t get hard to remove paint everywhere. 

2. Think About the Design 

Just like ‘writers block’ artists can have a memory fog too! If you are in need of some inspiration, check out these cool design ideas.

3. Outline With a Pencil

Draw the design on a piece of doodle paper first to become familiar with the strokes and curves of the design. Once you are confident, stencil out the design on the pot before you begin to paint. 

4. Start Painting

Now for the fun part, painting! Don’t hold back, the brighter the colors the more striking the pots will look. If you make mistakes, don’t fret, just wait for the paint to dry and paint over the mistake and no one will be any wiser. 

We hope you enjoy getting your creative juices flowing!

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