Harry Potter Themed Food

I’ve been in love with Harry Potter since I was a teenager when it came out. Now that my kids are getting older, they’re getting super into it too.

Harry Potter Parties are about creating magical fun with food. There were many great elements of food in the Harry Potter series from pumpkin juice, Butterbeer to memories of big dinners in the great hall.

Harry Potter Food and Drink Ideas

Harry Potter Party Food Menu

If you’re planning a Harry Potter Birthday party creating a fun menu is a must!Chocolate frogs & pumpkin pasties

Chocolate frogs & pumpkin pasties from 100-vegetal

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

A great way to create a Harry Potter menu is with this great cookbook, which has 150 Magical recipes.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook RecipeThe Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Recipe

Your party food and drinks will depend on if it’s a kids Harry Potter party or an adult Halloween one

Harry Potter Drink Ideas

You can’t have a Harry Potter party without Butterbeer! Pumpkin juice would be the other obvious choice for a party drink. There are many great adult drinks too for enjoying.

Butterbeer Recipe
Yummy Butterbeer from Salty Canary

My dream is to one day go to the Harry Potter theme park. Until then I’ll enjoy the great photos like yummy Butterbeer that Salty Canary took.

Here are two recipes for Butterbeer. One is an ADULT drink, the other is for kids.

Adult Harry Potter Butterbeer recipe #harrypotter #harrypotterdrinks #butterbeer #harrypotterparty

Adult Butterbeer recipe from Art of Wizardy

Kids Butterbeer recipe for a Harry Potter Party

Samantha Shadrake has this awesome Butterbeer illustration with a kids recipe

Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice RecipePumpkin Juice Recipe from the Art of Wizardry

Harry Potter Food Ideas

Some great Harry Potter menu ideas are:

  • Pumpkin Pasties
  • Chocolate Frogs
  • Golden Snitches
  • Cauldron Cakes
  • Treacle Tarts
  • Harry Potter birthday cake from the 1st book (green icing!)
  • Cupcakes with a Harry Potter theme
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Brooms made with Pretzels

Harry Potter Golden Snitches

Super easy Golden Snitches from Cooking Classy. She made a fantastic Harry Potter themed party so check out all her great ideas!

Pumpkin Pasties Recipe

Pumpkin Pasties Recipe from Bijoux and Bits (she offers sweet & savory version, which is awesome!)

DIY Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs

It’s super easy to make Chocolate frogs with these Molds. They even come with the boxes! It would make the perfect Harry Potter take party take away for a kids Harry Potter party.

More Great Magical Cookbooks!

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A fun part of creating a Harry Potter party is the recipes, but having some magical cookbooks on hand is great for year-round fun. I find for Halloween, it’s fun to make a little Harry Potter celebration too. Here are some of the best Magical cookbooks:

Have you had a Harry Potter themed party?

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