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There are many great resources for yoga kids!

Yoga kids books, mats and online videos can help teach kids yoga poses, meditation and mindfulness.

After sharing some pics of our kids doing yoga recently on Instagram, I’ve been asked what some of our favorite kid’s yoga resources are. As we homeschool I love adding books on mindfulness, meditation, and doing yoga together.

Yoga kids

In this post I’ll share some of the ones we use and love, as well as a full list of where you can get kids yoga mats, yoga dvds, online yoga videos and kids yoga and meditation books.

Yoga Kids - Online Yoga Videos, Books & Yoga Mats

Finding Yoga Materials for Kids

Some local yoga studios, bookstores or health food stores sometimes carry yoga supplies but not always for yoga kids. Many of these supplies can be easily found online though. I purchased some of the yoga books from a local store, the rest online.

Fun Cards for Kids Yoga Poses

Fun Cards for Kids Yoga Poses

Having yoga kids cards on hand is great, you can pull some from the deck and do the poses. Although there are a few card decks that show the kids yoga poses, I absolutely LOVE the ABC Yoga for Kids Cards the most. They have fun poses like ‘Unicorn Horn’ , teach young kids ABC’s and have beautiful artwork and poems on the back. They are truly a pleasure to use and read and our yoga kids love them!

yoga kids posesThey’ve since come out with the ABC Yoga for Kids book & the ABCs of Yoga for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers which I haven’t checked out yet but they have great reviews.

ABC's of Yoga Kids Cards

Kids Books on Yoga

There are many fantastic yoga kids books these days! We started with ‘Good Night Yoga‘ and fell in love with it, later buying ‘Good Morning Yoga

Good night yoga & good morning yoga books

Inside Sneak Peak

Great yoga kids books
Good Night Yoga Flow for Kids Yoga

More Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Kids Books

Yoga Kids Books Mindfulness for kids booksRachels-Day-in-the-Garden

The kids Yoga Garden Game looks fun too!

Kids yoga garden board game

Online Kids Yoga & Meditation Videos & DVDS

Cosmic Kids yoga

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga is super fun, silly and a nice light introduction to yoga for little ones. Preschoolers and Kinder kids enjoy these videos, even older kids too. Fun themes like ‘Frozen’ ‘Star Wars’ & more. She also has a website. Definitely one of the best kids yoga videos out there.
  • Boketto for Kids you can check out the videos here.
  • ABCs of Yoga for Kids also has a 5 min video here.
  • Guided Meditation for Kids- have great ones like your Secret Treehouse & Spaceship to the Moon

Gaiam has some yoga dvds for kids, we bought one a few years ago but I found it to be too outdated.I havent used all of them though, some have better ratings than others.

Some background kids music like this mellow guitar one is nice to have while doing any of the yoga books or cards.

Kid’s Yoga Mats

My little yoga mat tree

When we started our yoga journey they were very little so we picked up the Little Yoga Mat. These are super cute for toddlers and preschoolers but they are small for the price. They’ve since come out with a larger size. This brand in general is more expensive, and now that we have to buy larger sizesagain for our older girls I’m leaning towards cheaper brands.

The Yoga Journal has this great list of kids yoga clothes, although not necessarily needed.

I hope you enjoyed this list of supplies and resources. Do you have any others that you would add?

Yoga Kids Books

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