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Woodland Christmas Decorations & Ornaments

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Woodland Christmas decorations add so much magic to the holidays

Think forest animal tree ornaments, mushrooms, bark, pine cones and mossy elements.

Woodland animal ornaments

Woodland animal ornaments from A to Z comforts

I love a woodland themed Christmas because we live in Canada close to the mountain forests. The tradition of a real Christmas tree begs for more forest elements to be added to it. When we went into the forest to find our tree one year we noticed beautiful lichen dangling over the trees. The forest was naturally decorated, but when we tried to bring the same lichen home, it dried up with our indoor heating.

Ever since I’ve been looking for great ways to add that woodland feel to our home

This post will list ways you can create a woodland theme, but also where to buy these items.

Robin Christmas tree ornaments

Robin Christmas tree ornaments from Vintage Stitch

I’ve tried to include many wonderful etsy stores to support some great artists.

Nordic Christmas stockings

Nordic Christmas stockings from Eugenie

Great ways to create a Woodland Christmas are:

  • Using forest animal ornaments like deer, owls, bears, squirrels and foxes
  • Adding natural tree elements like real pine cones, wood slices or bark elements
  • Harvesting real tree branches as decor.

    Felted mushrooms make great woodland Christmas tree ornaments

    Felted mushrooms from Etsy WoolyWool

  • Get a real Christmas tree like Balsam fir which has the best smell.
  • Mushrooms add that woodland enchanting elements
  • Moss and lichens can add that woodland dynamic
  • Diffuse forest essential oils to create that natural tree scent.
  • Add woodland animals to your living room, especially around your stockings

Where to buy woodland Christmas tree decorations

Here’s a list of great Etsy stores and places to buy woodland themed decor. You can also make your own if you’re crafty! I enjoy making wool needle felted ornaments and using real pine cones.

Woodland Christmas Ornaments

I love these woodland animal ornaments from Nordvild

Woodland Christmas tree ornamentsMooseberry Design makes beautiful woodland animal personal tree ornaments

Etched woodland and mountain ornaments from Jen Curtis Art Studio

Woodland Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments from Bast + Bruin

Beautiful bird Christmas tree ornaments

Beautiful bird ornaments KemaKuBcn

Woodland trees from Moss between my Toes

Nordic woodland Christmas ornaments #christmasdecor #christmasstockings #christmasornaments #treeornaments #christmastree #holiday #holidaydecor #nordic #woodlandchristmas


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