Easy Fast Growing Vegetables for your Garden

Fast-growing crops are great for the home gardener.

Fast-growing crops can help you dent your grocery bill faster. Any veggies that you can harvest & eat within 30-45 days of sowing is a huge bonus to home food production. Quick crops also offer great yield per growing space and dollar value for your efforts.

Spring and fall are the best times to grow these fast-growing vegetables because they prefer cooler weather.

The summer heat can be too much for them and many of them can turn bitter or go to seed (bolt). There are some things you can do to reduce bolting. Fast-growing crops are perfect for interplanting around your main season crops. Sowing a fall and winter garden is great for these fast-growing crops.

fast growing vegetables for the garden

Tips for Growing Super Fast & Easy Garden Veggies

  • Sow more densely than the package says for baby greens then thin out your plants (for eating!) to make space for them to grow larger.
  • Harvest garden greens at multiple life stages: Microgreens, baby leaves, leaves & full-sized for maximum yield. Learn to grow indoor microgreens for some easy garden veggies.
  • Sow your baby green crops where your warm season crops like tomatoes, peppers, squash will go. By the time you’ve harvested all your spring crops there will be space for the warm season crops.
  • Make sure you’ve replenished the soil and added some compost or decomposed manure the previous season. Spring crops need all the boost they can get to grow quickly before the heat sets in. Leafy greens need nitrogen, alfalfa pellets work great if you didn’t amend the beds in the fall.

Turnip greens

  • Succession Sow (sow multiple times every week over a period of a month or more) to get the right timing for your crops and to spread out your harvests. Instead of harvesting 100 radishes all at, you can sow 20 every week to spread it out.
  • If heat waves are a problem create some shade for your cool-season crops, grow bolt-resistant varieties or use light-weight row cover as shade cloth. Growing on the north side of taller veggies helps too before the summer heat sets in.
  • If you want an extra early harvest to consider overwintering some vegetables like spinach, baby kale, mache or arugula.

pak choi

The Fastest Vegetables to Grow

These fast vegetables are ready in 30 to 45 days.

  • Radishes
  • Leaf Lettuce
  • Mustard Greens (komatsuna, mizuna, mibuna, tatsoi, giant red… just to name a few)
  • Toy Bok Choi
  • Baby Turnips (Hakurei is a fav variety) & Turnip greens
  • Baby Kale Greens
  • Arugula
  • Spinach
  • Microgreens
  • Beet greens
  • Baby Swiss chard


Growing fast and easy garden veggies is a major benefit to your garden and your health! What is your favorite?

Grow fast and easy veggies to get the most from your garden!

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