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Fresh Tomato Recipes for Seasonal Summer Eating

Fresh tomatoes are loved during the summer months

Nothing beats the taste of vine ripened tomatoes.

Whether you’re heading to the farmers market or growing tomatoes yourself, be sure to try these dishes that allow tomatoes to shine.

Fresh tomato recipes

Choosing summer tomatoes

When choosing tomatoes for your recipes be sure to check out some local and flavorful and colorful heirloom tomatoes or even earthy rich black tomatoes. You can also find green striped tomatoes, yellow tomatoes and many shades of red to burgundy. The realm of tomato varieties expands so much more than what your produce isle offers. You can find heirloom tomatoes from your local farmers markets or you can grow them yourself.

When choosing tomatoes, make sure they aren’t cracked or bruised, however perfectly vine ripened tomatoes will be softer to the touch than some of your store-bought counterparts. That’s because all the flavor and juiciness are at their peak. Be gentle handling fresh tomatoes for this reason. If you have surplus tomatoes you can also do some home canning with fresh tomato salsa or tomato sauce.

Fresh tomato recipes for your summer


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Do you have a favorite recipe for using fresh summer tomatoes?

What is your favorite heirloom tomato variety? And remember, munching on vine ripened fresh garden tomatoes is also a delicious feast in itself! Our girls love harvesting and eating cherry tomatoes, our fav variety being ‘sungold’ (pictured below).

'Sungold' cherry tomatoes


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