Garden Journal Ideas and Questions (FREE Printable)


Every growing season your garden and success will be different.

The weather does strange or unfavorable things, some of your crops turn out, others don’t. Sometimes you have a terrible season with pests, too much rain, or an increase in plant disease. Maybe you tried a new variety that you loved, or you didn’t pay attention to your sowing schedule.

That is why it’s great to keep a garden journal!

How to keep a garden journal + free garden journal printable

Free Printable Garden Journal Template

Here are 20 questions that you can print off and fill out and you can learn to keep track of your season and troubleshoot any future problems.

Printable Garden Template (pdf)

These questions are also in the 30-page printable garden planner & journal that comes FREE with the purchase of my garden planning book.

  1. Which varieties worked well this year?
  1. What varieties did poorly this year?
  1. Did you have surplus crops and could you keep up with preserving them?
  1. Were there any crops that failed miserably? Was it in your control?
  1. How was the weather this gardening season? What made it favorable or challenging?
  1. What were your worst garden pests? How did you manage them? How can you prevent further pest problems for next year
  1. Did you practice good crop rotation?
  1. How was your soil? What do you need to add this fall or next spring?
  1. Which varieties do you think you’ll discontinue for next year? Which ones would you like to try out?
  1. What were your worst gardening mistakes of the year?
  1. What did you do that worked great this past gardening season?
  1. How was your watering system? What do you need to change?
  1. Did you practice succession planting? Did it work? What timing adjustments are needed?
  1. What type of garden beds do you have? Are you adding any new ones for the next season?
  1. What was your biggest challenge to having a successful garden?
  1. What vegetable or fruit did you buy lots of this year that you could grow next season?
  1. How was your germination rate? Do you need to buy any new seeds for next year? List the seeds you ran out of this year & that you need to buy.
  1. Did you try any new garden techniques? Did they work? What would you do differently?
  1. List your 5 favorite tasting vegetables/fruits for this growing season? Are there vegetable/fruit do you wish you grew more of?
  1. What are your gardening goals for the next growing season?

How to keep a garden journal + free garden journal printable

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