Best Seed Companies

I think buying heirloom vegetable seeds is one of my favorite things about gardening.

In fact I think I *might* be a seed addict.

If you’re looking for vegetable seeds, whether it’s organic, non-GMO, heirloom or herb seeds, this list will help.

Great Seed Companies to Buy Vegetable & Herb Seeds

How to Choose Seed Companies

I personally love growing different varieties and like to buy vegetable seeds from multiple seed companies. Once you realize how many unique varieties exist compared to what you see in your grocery store produce section, you too might be excited every season to buy seeds.

Most seed companies will have great websites showing you the different vegetable seeds & varieties. They often offer seed catalogs too.

Keep in mind your climate, as often seed companies that have a similar climate to your own have seeds and varieties adapted for that region.

Although I’m still guilty of selecting seed companies based on vegetable seed varieties!

Before you do start ordering or buying too many seeds, it helps to use a seed inventory spreadsheet. Old seed can often grow poorly so taking inventory helps you know what seeds you need to purchase.

Where to buy vegetable & herb seeds

Best Vegetable Seed Companies

Most garden centers will offer a great selection of seeds, and often big chain-stores will carry conventional seeds during the gardening season. I personally buy seeds from seed companies that grow organically and care about seed selection, breeding & farming practices. This is why I tend to avoid large-scale box store seeds, and if I can’t find what I’m looking for locally, I order directly from the seed companies online. It’s always great to check your local garden centers first though because they often carry higher quality seeds from the reputable seed companies listed below.

Great Seed Companies to Buy Vegetable & Herb Seeds

Best Non-GMO Seed Companies

Here are some of my favorite seed companies. Please feel free to comment on any of yours so I can add them. I’ve included both US & Canadian companies (many of the Canadian seed companies also ship to the US).

Although there are other seed companies offering vegetable seeds, I’m inclined towards organic, non-GMO, & heirloom vegetable seeds.

Keep reading for the herb seed companies (specifically medicinal herbs if you wish to plant a medicinal herb garden).

Added seed companies from reader suggestions:

Best seed companies for vegetable seeds and herb seeds

Best Herb Seed Companies

Although most of the seed companies I listed above also sell herb seeds, the following companies have a great selection of medicinal herb seeds too.

Where to buy high quality seeds

10 thoughts on “Best Seed Companies”

  1. Check out Terra Edibles – they have an amazing selection of tomatoes. Also other veggies but the tomato listings will have you dreaming of fresh juicy fruit! And they are a Canadian family business, so it doesn’t get any better than that 🙂

  2. Adaptive Seed and Resiliant Seed are fabulous for Washington and Oregon Maritime (& Willamette Valley). They tell you what does well here, even grains, hops and some special ones bred just for this climate. Seed Savers has an exchange to buy special seed from small seed grower/savers. I also love Pinetree seeds because you can get smaller/cheaper packets in case I don’t know how well they will do.


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