Seed Inventory Spreadsheet

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Seed catalog season is here! However, if you’re anything like you me, you’ll buy a ton of seeds and need help keeping track of them. I have provided some free printable seed inventory documents for you.

Free garden planner- seed inventory printable

I love selecting seeds, in fact it’s one of my favorite aspects of gardening.

You can see my top recommendations for seed companies and how to read seed catalogs. Unlike buying produce from the store or farmers market, home gardeners have the wonderful opportunity to select unique, rare, or heirloom varieties. Choosing your own seed also opens up a whole new culinary opportunity. Many varieties of fruits or vegetables taste divine but because they don’t transport well to grocery stores we’ve never tasted them.

However, because of the amazing selection of seeds, home gardeners can feel overwhelmed with figuring out what to buy and grow.

Here are some tips for going through your seed stash and making sure you don’t get carried away (ahem I always still do 😉 )Garden planning & taking seed inventory

Creating your Seed Inventory

The first thing you want to do before selecting your seeds is to create a seed inventory of your current seed stock. If you’re a beginner gardener or used up all your seed last year you can skip this part.

When you take seed inventory you’ll want to make note of the type of fruit or vegetable, the variety, the seed company, the date you purchased them and the seed shelf life (your seed packet might say something like seed life: 1 year). Then you’ll want to make note of how much you have left and if you need to order more.
I’m offering you a freebie printable which is one of the many sheets that comes with my printable garden planner (which also has ‘seeds to purchase’ and ‘important seed packet info’ for example).

Free PDF Seed Inventory Printable

Here is a free seed inventory pdf that is printable and will help you keep track of your seed inventory.

How to take seed inventory

Interested in more printables to help you stay organized?

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Garden Planning: Choosing Your Seeds & Taking Seed Inventory

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