Growing Potatoes in Burlap Bags

When most people think of burlap bags and potatoes they think of storing potatoes. We tried growing potatoes in burlap bags and I wanted to share with you how it went.

We had the idea of growing potatoes in burlap bags because potatoes can take up a lot of space in the garden which is why growing potatoes in small spaces with containers can be a great solution.

using burlap bags for garden container gardening

Potatoes can grow quite tall & will produce more yields if you keep ‘hilling up’ the soil or adding straw mulch up to the top of the greens.

That’s why growing potatoes in containers works so well.

Wooden Potato Barrel

What about burlap bags? Does that work?

Growing potatoes in containers: Instead of hilling up the soil, you just add more soil or straw

The great thing about growing potatoes in containers is instead of hilling up the soil, you just add more soil or straw to the containers as the plant grows increasing yield from the depth.

Although hilling up is still my favorite way to grow potatoes, I still enjoy growing them in containers, especially new potatoes that are ready early in the summer. I almost always have ‘volunteer’ potato plants that make a mess of my garden planning so gently moving them with the soil into a container, adding more soil and compost has been as easy fix for those rogues.

Growing potatoes in containers is great for renters, helps saves space and makes for easy harvesting.

How to grow potatoes in burlap bags

Growing Potatoes in Burlap Bags vs Potato Grow Bags

Although I highly recommend the potato grow bags, burlap bags are nice and cheap and can be ‘rolled up’ as the plants grow. They also come in different sizes, the small ones being better for new potatoes, if you want to grow main season potatoes, use the larger ones. Potato plants appreciate the sun during the green leaf stage and rolling them up as the plant grows works well compared to being in a container of a specific size.

The drainage is excellent, but the water can leak out easily which means the grow bags have better water retention.

West coast seeds has a wonderful growing guide for growing potatoes in grow bags.

How to grow potatoes in a grow bag


Growing potatoes in containers can be a great space saver and it may take some practice and personal preference with which containers you prefer to grow them in. I still want to experiment with the famous ‘potato tower’ which you grow potatoes in straw in a rounded fenced cage.

Pros and cons of using burlap sacks for container gardening

5 thoughts on “Growing Potatoes in Burlap Bags”

  1. I live in the suburb’s of Houston. It gets up to 115° in the summer with lots of humidity! I have decided to use as much as possible, of my yard for growing edible produce. I am making some compost and it’s beautiful. This year may be slow, getting it all going, but it will be a little less $$$ going to to the grocers. Wish me luck!

    • Hi Angel, I gently emptied the bag upside down to get the potatoes out and added the soil to garden beds. If you’re growing new potatoes (baby potatoes) the green part is still there so you could just pull out the plant. I rolled the burlap bags up and down so you could also do the same for harvesting. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great advice. I don’t have a home anymore but I want to grow some food for myself and my family. If I can convince my son to let me have a corner of his yard I want to try this.


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