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Salad Turnips a Tasty Gourmet Vegetable

Salad turnips are so tender and tasty

Unlike larger turnips that get a bad rep because they can taste spicy when large, salad turnips are small. Also called baby turnips, they are excellent to eat in many ways. They are called salad turnips because they can be enjoyed raw. I also love them sauteed or roasted (large turnips are equally as delicious cooked that way). A little bit of butter and garlic with them is extra yummy!

They are a great little sweet root to enjoy

Certain turnip varieties make excellent salad turnips.

The standby for salad turnips are ‘Hakurei’ or ‘Tokyo’. I’ve also enjoyed other unique heirloom varieties, which aren’t traditional salad turnips, but are tender and work well *. In general, a salad turnip is one you can also enjoy thinly sliced and raw.

Great salad turnip types

  • Hakurei
  • Tokyo Cross
  • Thin Heirloom ‘ Hinona Kabu’ *
  • Heirloom ‘Navet des vertus Marteau’ *
  • Purple Top when very small
Stunning heirloom turnips

‘Navet des vertus Marteau’ & ‘Hinona Kabu’ Heirloom Turnips

Where can you buy salad turnips?

Because salad turnips are more of a gourmet vegetable, not all grocery stores will carry them. Check your produce isle at your grocery store. You might find them at your local farmers market, natural health food store or China town markets which offer great Asian crops.

You can also grow these turnips as they very easy to grow

They don’t take up much space in the home garden, and are ready to harvest fast in 30-45 days.

If you grow turnips, the heat of the summer makes them spicy. They are a cool season crop that prefers fall weather. You can also eat the turnip greens.

Hakurei Turnips from Johnny's SeedJohnnys Seed offers Hakurei Seeds

West Coast Seeds offers Tokyo Cross Turnips


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