Habit Tracker Ideas for Creating Good Habits

Habit tracker ideas can really help you visualize your good and bad habits.

Because often saying that you’re going to do something and doing it are completely different things. A nice visual habit tracker shows you what you’re accomplishing and what you’re not.

The goal of a habit tracker is to move forwards towards better lifestyle choices.

Habit Tracker
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Habits for Habit Tracker

I love creating goals and journaling. In fact, I love making garden planners, creating a homeschool curriculum, and running my business. I have a busy house with four kids and often I don’t practice enough self-care. I have different bullet journals for different aspects of my life.

By using a bullet journal you can make self-care goals a priority and notice if you’re not doing it.

Fantastic habit tracker ideas for your bullet journal
from merakibujo

You can even create a mood tracker to see how you’ve been feeling and whether or not you’ve been in a slump for too long.

It helps to open your journal daily and fill it in.

Spending that time daily helps to create better habits by focused intentions. A good habit, or a bad one we’re trying to stop, can be quickly noticed in a habit tracker. For example say your goals are to read every day, or drink enough water, or get enough sleep.

If your habit tracker is empty, then it’s an obvious sign that you’re not moving forwards with that goal.

Monthly Habit Tracker
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Habit Tracking Ideas

Bujo habit tracker

Bujo Berry has dates on her habit trackers that you can color in

Floral habit tracker

I like this floral habit track from rhodiummines

Create good habits with a printable habit tracker

Cozy_Senya has a printable habit tracker if you’re not up for making your own

Harry potter bullet journal habit tracker

Harry Potter tracking? Love it!! From avaguavastudies

Habit tracker chart

Cute habit tracker chart from labelettegogreen

Great Habit Tracker

Great habit tracker idea via bujofeatured

Budget Tracker

One of my favorite Instagram accounts for bullet journal ideas is megansstudies

Pictured above is a budget tracker, and the next two are mood/sleep tracker and then a year in review. Mood and Sleep Tracker

New Years goals by looking at your moods from the previous year

Do you keep a bullet journal notebook?

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