Fairy Garden Houses, Ideas, and Supplies

Fairy gardens are so magical and fun, kids and adults love making them

If you’re wishing to make a fairy garden kit or create your own fairy houses, you’ll need some supplies

This post will cover:

  • What your fairy garden needs
  • Where to find Fairy garden supplies like fairy garden doors, plants & decor
  • Fairy garden inspiration

Fairy garden ideas & supplies

Fairy Garden Plants

Fairy House Supplies

A fairy garden is fun to create. Sketch some design ideas down before you make a list of supplies to buy. Some elements that are needed to create your own fairy house are:

  • A base– many people will use a garden pot, or even broken pots. Other people like using a flat surface to create a little home. You can also buy a kit which will come with a base
  • Fairy door– this is the inviting aspect of your little fairy home, it should feel like an enchanting door that you want to enter.
  • Plants– fairies love a living home, you can use real plants like moss, or plastic. I prefer real, but if you’re looking for low maintenance you can buy pretend moss.

Paths - rocks and pebbles

  • Paths– create a path to the door using little rocks or pebbles, you can also use flat logs as stepping stones or tiny decorative gravel.
  • Little garden furniture & decorations– little mushrooms, animals, tables and chairs, lanterns. There are many ways you can create a fun and pretty little fairy garden.

Where to Buy Fairy Garden Supplies

Here are some great businesses to buy fairy garden supplies and fairy garden doors from. Some are made in a factory, others are handmade from wonderful etsy shops depending on your price point.

Fairy Garden Doors & SuppliesHidden Worlds etsy store

Two Green Thumbs


Fairy Garden Doors & SuppliesFairy Garden Doors.ca

Fairy Garden Doors & Supplies

My Fairy Tale Doors on etsy

Fairy Garden Doors & Supplies

KousoulasKreations etsy store

Fairy garden kits from The Etiquette Seed Shop

Fairy Garden kits

Wee World Construction has lots of kits and supplies

Fairy Garden Doors & SuppliesJoann

Fairy Garden Inspiration

Fairy garden ideas

Love these mushrooms & fairy doors from Pixie Hill

Fairy garden ideas

Twinkling lights & fairy house from Little Tudor on the Prairie 

Fairy garden ideas

from Bliss Fairy Gardens

Fairy garden supplies

Fairy garden with pots

Fairy garden in pots from Stephanie Lynn

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  1. Brilliant ideas for a Fairy house and garden etc. I am hoping to make some of the items myself using items in my garden and in the country, where I live on the Isle of Wight UK ! Thank you so much for all of the great ideas.


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