Best Essential Oil Blends for your Diffuser

Best Essential oil diffuser blendsWhen I started using essential oils I had no idea how to mix them.

The best smelling essential oils for diffuser can depend on your mood, but also what types of scents you’re attracted to. Sometimes you want an energy boost, a nice easy breathing blend, and other times some great holiday blends. I also enjoy calming diffuser blends for sleep.

You can also make natural cleaning recipes with essential oils.

Today I’ll share with you spring diffuser blends, winter, fall, blends to motivate, help calm and more! You can also have fun and create your own once you get the hang of mixing essential oils.

This post is full of great diffuser blends so you can see what scents go nicely with each other.

Best Essential oil diffuser blends

What Oils Should you Use?

You can use any brand of essential oils that you’d like to create your diffuser blends. I do believe that certain essential oil companies offer better quality than others. Certain oils you can buy offer a higher standard of extraction and therapeutic benefits. Over the years I’ve tried many brands of essential oils, and I’ve fallen in love with doTERRA. I also tried Young Living, but I’ve heard great things about plant therapy, Rocky Mountain oils for example.

doTERRA Essential Oils and Diffuser

If you’d like to order doterra essential oils, you can buy them through me.

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Wonderful Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

doTERRA essential oil diffuser blendsEssential oil diffuser blends for springSummer diffuser blendsdoTERRA Fall Diffuser BlendsdoTERRA Winter diffuser blendsdoTERRA Sleep Diffuser Blends doTERRA Calming Diffuser Blends

doTERRA Morning Diffuser Blends

doterra diffuser blends for May Lemon essential oil doterra diffuser blends doterra essential oil June diffuser blends Essential Oil Diffuser Blends For Fall

Outdoor Wedding Diffuser Blends doTERRA Essential Oil Diffuser Blends For Clean Summer Kitchen doTERRA Spa Elevation Diffuser Blend doTERRA Rejuvenate Diffuser Blend doTERRA Arctic Fire Diffuser Blend doTERRA Gingersnap Diffuser Blend doTERRA Citrus Slush Diffuser Blend doTERRA Summer Cedar Diffuser Blend

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