Wild Rose Flower Recipes

Living in the Canadian mountains, it didn’t take me long to start noticing how many useful plants grew in the area. We began harvesting elderflowers and elderberries, wild thimbleberries, and wild edible weeds and soon noticed the wild roses.

Pretty Pink Wild Roses In The Garden

Luckily there are many wonderful uses for wild roses (Joybilee Farm shows you how to use wild roses for food & medicine). Rose petals are excellent for homemade body care products, or even for jelly and wine! There are also many food recipes using rose petals, rose syrup and more. Thornless roses are also used in different recipes.

DIY Wild Rose Recipes

Rose petal jam

Wild Rose Flower Petal Jam From Feasting at Home

Peppermint Rose Lip Balm

Peppermint Rose Flower Lip Balm From the Nerdy Farm Wife

Rose hand cream recipe

Wild Rose Flower Hand Cream From Lovely Greens

Wild rose lotion bars

Wild Rose Flower Lotion Bars From Grow Forage Cook Ferment

Refreshing Wild Rose Sangria

Wild Rose Flower Sangria From Feasting at Home

Rose petal ice cream recipe

Wild Rose Flower Flavored Ice Cream From eCurry

Rose soap recipe

Wild Rose Flower Soap Recipe From the Lovely Greens & the Nerdy Farm Wife

Wild Rose Jelly Recipe

Wild Rose Flower Jelly from Little House Big Alaska

Rose body and face cream recipe

Wild Rose Flower Face & Body Cream from the Nerdy Farm Wife

Rose petal wine

Wild Rose Flower Petal Wine from Lovely Greens

how to make rose petal water

Wild Rose Flower Water From the Herbal Academy

Rose petal jam

Wild Rose Flower Petal Jam from Feasting at Home

Rose petal salve

Wild Rose Flower Petal Salve From the Nerdy Farm Wife

How to make rose syrup

Wild Rose Flower Syrup from the view from great island

Rose pudding recipe

Wild Rose Flower Pudding From My Diverse Kitchen

Rose petal recipes

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of wild rose recipes!

I’m curious to know what rose petal wine and syrup tastes like. Is it too flowery? Have you tried it? So far we’ve only made rose water for the bath but it smelled wonderful.  Our girls especially liked collecting the wild rose petals, although you have to be careful of the prickly stems. It’s great that you can harvest the petals but still get the rose hips too. Because they would naturally fall off to the ground there’s no wasting the roses by harvesting the petals. We do leave quite a lot on each wild rose plant that we find for the wild pollinators.

Do you have any favorite rose recipes that I’m missing?

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