Best Sprout Makers

Growing sprouts is a great way to have nutritious and fresh indoor-grown food.

I almost gave up growing sprouts after a couple of failed attempts. Like growing any crop, it can be a learning curve so don’t give up right away!

Having fresh seeds, balanced watering and good drainage are important. Sprouts need a tad bit more daily maintenance than gardening outside, but once you get into a sprouting groove you’ll be happy you did!

A sprout maker can help you grow sprouts.

Growing Sprouts

Best Sprout Makers for Growing Sprouts

There are so many different sprout maker to grow these days. When I started sprouting it was mostly the large trays or a metal screen to attach to a mason jar lid.

The first sprout maker I tried rusted. It was a sprouting lid for a mason jar, super disappointing!

Since then they’ve had new designs! Yay!

I’ll show you some mason jar sprouting lids, and then some larger sprout makers and my personal favorite.

growing sprouts with sprout makers

Make sure you pay attention to mason jar size (wide or regular) when choosing sprouting lids

A lot of the sprout makers (like these lids) that you can use with glass jars are inexpensive options. Although mason jar lids are an easy way to start sprouting, they also don’t offer the greatest drainage (unless they are tilted upside down). My personal favorite sprouter has extra layers to allow for good drainage.

Good drainage is important when growing sprouts, you want seeds moist but not water logged

When growing sprouts, you want seeds moist but not water logged

New mason top designs don’t rust! New Mason Jar Design

Stainless steel sprouting lids from XmiferStainless steel sprouting lids

Plastic Mason Jar Lids

Plastic Mason Jar Lids from MasonTops

Stainless Steel Sprouting StandsGAINWELL Stainless Steel Sprouting Stands


Sproutamo Easy Sprout Sprouter

Sproutamo Easy Sprout SprouterSproutamo Easy Sprout Sprouter

Fancy Sprouts Maker

Glass Sprouter

Glass Sprouter from Gourmet Kitchenworks

2 Tier Sprouter

2 Tier Sprouter from Garden’s Alive


What is your favorite sprout maker?

What is the best sprout maker? Here are some easy ones to use for growing sprouts

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