Celeriac (Celery Root) Recipes 2024

Celery root (Celeriac) is an unusual vegetable to say the least!

Celeriac stores great in a root cellar which makes it an excellent fall & winter veggie to eat.

celeriac/celery root recipes
Photo credit- Viktoria’s Table

What is celeriac? Is it the same as celery?

They are related to one another, in fact when you look at the tops of celeriac they look like celery stems.

Celery root has tougher stems and the focus crop to eat is the large knobby root at the base of the plant.

Celeriac growing from Johnny’s seed

Celeriac has the consistency of a potato with the taste of mild celery and parsley

It takes a long time to grow, about 110 days, but this veggie stores so well in a cold room (about 5 months). That make it’s a great survival crop. This crop needs a lot of water to grow well (like celery) so use  garden mulch with these plants to help with water retention.

It can also be a culinary delight with great recipes!!

Celeriac Celery Root Recipes

Celery Root Recipes

Tasty Celeriac fries

Celeriac fries from Viktoria’s Table

Celery root puree

Celery root puree from Downshiftology

Celeriac provencale pate

Celeriac provencale pate from EarthSprout

Celeriac & potato gratin

Celeriac & potato gratin from Delicious Magazine

Celery Root Puree

Celery Root Puree from a Chef’s Kitchen

Celeriac & roast garlic soup

Celeriac & roast garlic soup from Simply Delicious Food

Celery Root Cottage Pie

Celery Root Cottage Pie from Chatelaine

Latkes with Celery root & parsnip

Celery root & parsnip Latkes from NYtimes cooking

Have you grown celery root? What is your favorite celeriac recipe?

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