Spring Garlic Shoots (Eating Green Garlic)

Spring garlic is a welcome sight because we grow garlic in the fall and patiently wait. Like any fall-planted bulb, once the spring days start warming, we start seeing garlic shoots.

What do Garlic Shoots Look Like?

Garlic shoots are the long stems that grow from the garlic bulb.

Garlic scapes versus spring green garlic

What to do With Garlic Shoots?

If you were to leave the whole garlic bulb head in the ground they sprout in clumps.

This clump of sprouted garlic is absolutely wonderful and a great way to enjoy early garlic flavors.

Harvest spring garlic shoots from a clump of bulbs that were left in the ground from fall

How to Grow Garlic Shoots

You can grow it two ways: By planting garlic bulbs closer together than you need (great space saving crop) or by leaving or planting whole garlic bulbs in the ground. Spring garlic is also great for spring companion planting because of natural scent deterrence.

Below you can see spring garlic shoots coming up from one whole garlic bulb.

Spring garlic in late March

How to Cook Garlic Shoots

First, separate the garlic shoots by cutting off the tops and using the tender inside part.

Spring garlic shoots taste delicious!

These garlic shoots often have a pink tinge and taste like a milder version of the garlic plant they’ll become.  The whole part is edible, although like onions and leeks, sometimes the green parts are too fibrous and need to be discarded.

Then sauté the garlic shoots in butter for five to six minutes and serve them like green beans.

This was a happy accident for us when we left some bulbs in the ground from summer harvesting. Have you eaten spring garlic shoots before? What did you think of eating garlic shoots?

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  1. In Europe we have spring garlic in our diete long time.It is great addition to everything, fresh or cooked
    I like yor link.


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