Growing Zucchini

You may think it’s simple to grow your own zucchini. After all, you just need some seeds, a patch of soil, and a little time to water your plants regularly.

But the growing zucchini is a little more complex than that. There are numerous factors to take into consideration when planting zucchini, and one of the aspects that you need to consider is how far apart to grow zucchini.

How Far Apart to Plant Zucchini

When Is the Best Time to Plant Zucchini?

It is best to plant zucchini in early spring. It is at this time of year that the weather is milder, and the plants have the best chance of thriving.

Different Varieties of Zucchini

Do Zucchini Plants Need A Lot Of Sun?

Your zucchini plants will need lots of direct sunlight. You should choose a spot that will get 6-8 hours a day of full sun.

Zucchini Growing Space

How Far Apart Should You Plant Zucchini?

How far apart to plant zucchini depends on whether you are planting seeds or established seedlings. If you are planting seeds, sow them in the ground with about 3 inches between them. As they start growing, you can then thin the seedlings out.

Established seedlings should be planted approximately 20-25 centimeters apart. This will give them enough space to grow.

Planting Zucchini Vertically

The zucchini plant is a climbing plant, also known as a vine plant. Therefore it needs something to support it as it grows, to prevent it from falling over and rotting on the ground.

It is a good idea to erect a trellis to support your zucchini plants. If you plant your zucchini in this way, they will do well and yield a bumper crop.

If you don’t have a trellis, you can erect a support structure with some long poles and a long roll of thin wire. Simply plant the poles in the ground, 6 feet apart, and tie the wire across in rows about one foot apart.

Growing Zucchini in Containers

Can Zucchini Be Planted In Containers?

Zucchini plants will do very well in containers. If you don’t have a garden with space for growing vegetables, a few pots placed in sunny spots will give you an opportunity to grow your own veggies.

An environmentally friendly way of growing zucchini is to use old buckets from household products such as cleaning agents. Make sure that you wash the buckets out very well before planting, as any chemical residue that remains will damage your plants.

By following these guides, you will be able to enjoy home-grown zucchini.

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  1. I use 5 gallon and 12 gallon buckets for my entire vegetable garden. I get them all for free from bakeries, Italian restaurants and Chinese restaurants. My only suggestion is NOT to use buckets that were originally used for household cleaners. That plastic is not food safe and you cannot completely wash out dangerous chemicals, especially if they have leeched into the plastic. Also, non-food safe plastics often have BPA, which is an endocrine disruptor. The buckets I get are all food safe and have had things like frosting, feta cheese, soy sauce and cherries in them before I cleaned them for my garden.. Great recycle!


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