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Home Spaghetti Sauce Recipes

So there are lots of beautiful garden or plum tomatoes in your garden or in the farmers market and you want to make spaghetti sauce patches.

I encourage you to leave any meat you can add later, and use the water bath processing method with wide quart jars here.

Make sure you have plenty of garlic bread the next day, and a bottle of red wine around, because just the smell of cooking the sauce will make you and anyone who can smell the radius salty for a home-made spaghetti meal.

It’s actually tastier when sitting for two days so the flavors can age, and the jars should not be disturbed for 12-24 hours as they cool to room temperature after the canning process. Always clearly state your product and date retention, and use it before you end a year.

How to make a can spaghetti sauce easily

Making your own spaghetti sauce can be satisfying, and making your own spaghetti sauce and scanning for future use can be even better.

You should use Tested Recipe Box Recipes, check out the basics of Mel Kitchen Coffee Canned 101, as well as check out the many Ball and Car videos on YouTube.

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Water canning is probably the easiest type of canning. It is mainly used in high acidity foods like tomatoes, pickles and dill. Strawberry jams, jelly, salsa, apple sauce if we mention a few.

Pressure retention is for those low-acidity foods and need higher temperatures to be safe in food.

Foods that need higher temperatures like meat, fish, or sauces or soup with meat in them. Pressure retention basically takes the food to a higher temperature (240 degrees instead of 212 degrees) and requires a special pressure container in the process.

When canning you need glass jars. Some come with wide mouths and some are not, the only catch is your metallic canning and eyelid rings should adjust your glass lid opening to size.

Rings can be reused like jars, but metal lids should only be used once to make sure the jars are properly sealed each time. The little pop you hear as the jar seal is the mark of a good seal. Make sure to buy the same size and seal metallic lids as your jar mouth.

You can find a recipe for canned spaghetti sauce for Mel’s coffee in a step-by-step tutorial.

It is a thick spaghetti sauce with a rich flavor to:

[Ultimate Recipe ID = 15478]

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Some other recipes of canned spaghetti sauce worth considering are favorite family recipes .

This is a great recipe for water bath processing. If you add meat to any spaghetti recipe, you should process with a pressure scanner and it is easier to add chopped minced meat (beef, chicken, or turkey), not in the canning process but after you reheat your sauce to make your wonderful spaghetti meal.

Because the spaghetti sauce is based primarily on tomatoes, it is usually recommended to add ½ teaspoon of citric acid or 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to lower the acidity of the canned food. If your recipe requires lemon juice you can substitute citric acid but you need less citric acid.

Citric acid usually does not affect the taste of the sauce as much as it does lemon juice. You can add a little sugar to make up for the spicy juice of the lemon juice if you used it, so taste your sauce before you finish your cooking process and always use a clean spoon, not the one you mix your sauce with.

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