Growing Pea Shoots

When peas sprout they create a ‘pea shoot’ which many people enjoy eating. Pea shoots are grown indoors and sown closer together to create that nice long thin stem.

Pea plants have more space between them for less root stress from the competition so they can be transplanted outdoors. The thicker stem for pea plants is preferred, whereas as the thin shoot is nicer for eating.

Pea Shoots Are Grown Close Together

Pea Shoot KitHow to Grow Pea Shoots

  • Use a seed starting tray and use potting soil. You can also buy microgreen trays which are more swallow. You can also buy pea starter kits (& other microgreen starter kits).
  • Sow the seeds into a shallow layer of soil, and keep moist. Make sure you’re using a potting mix or seed starter soil and nothing with manure. You can sow them very densely for pea shoots.
  • You can place another tray over top of the seeds to keep it dark until the seeds have sprouted. It’s not necessary. You can also pre soak the seeds in water for a few hours to plump up before sowing but I don’t bother.
  • Water your seeds and soil and watch them sprout and grow quickly!
  • Harvest with scissors once the seedlings are 8-10cm (3-4″) in about 10-20 days.

Peas Sprouting

Have you grown pea shoots? How was your experience?

Pea Shoots & Pea Plants: Growing Peas Two Ways

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