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DoTERRA vs Young Living (Review after USING Both Oils)

I love essential oils and once I started using them more often I started hearing a lot of buzz online about two big essential oil companies: doTERRA & Young Living.

Now trying to choose ONE company after sorting through all the online soap opera was crazy. I’m surprised I didn’t just walk away, however I heard such great things about these oils and I wanted to build up some stay at home mama income so I continued on.

I ended up trying and using BOTH companies oils.

Crazy right?!

This DoTERRA vs Young Living  review will:

  • not bash any of these companies nor get into any politics
  • be completely honest, and unlike many reviews online, I’ve used BOTH oils for at least a year.

What is the best essential oil company?

There are many great essential oil companies out there, and honestly many are the same quality as doTERRA & Young Living. The best essential oil companies depends on what you want from your oils and your purchasing habits.

  • Are you just cleaning the floor and adding them to homemade cleaners?
  • Are you wanting protecting blends for family health support?
  • Do you care about where your products come from?
  • Do you care about price?
  • Are you interested in building a home business with essential oils?

Truth is there are cheaper options for essential oils than Young Living + doTERRA. What makes these companies claim they have the best essential oils?

If you notice any of your purchasing habits, do you know where it came from? How it got to you? How it was grown?

  • Both these companies show you where they grow their plants and how they bottle their oils. doTERRA has the Co-Impact Sourcing and Young Living has Seed to Seal.
  • They spend a lot of time and money to make sure they are paying fair wages because many essential oils come from 3rd world countries.
  • They both do extra charity work. doTERRA has the Healing Hands Foundation & Young Living has done charity here.
  • They both test their oils for quality and are heavily involved with the process.
  • Both companies offer retail or wholesale purchasing options. This is important if you wish to choose one essential oil company to build up your business. You don’t have to sell with a wholesale account. 

So what I’m trying to say is that they BOTH make fantastic oils and have very high standards. They BOTH care about how they source and grow & process their oils.

They both have to because they’re such large companies.

Some differences I noticed about each of the oils.

There are oils I loved from both of them. I’ll tell you which company I chose to buy oils from and why, but I will say that it was a hard decision.

The difference in using doTERRA vs Young Living

I purchased and tried over 30+ oils from both.

In general I found that:

  • The scent diffused stronger with doTERRA than Young Living. I really have no idea why but that was my experience.
  • Certain doTERRA oils smell sweeter. This is especially true with the doTERRA blends that have vanilla in them. I also found the citrus oils smelled sweeter than Young Living, for example I loved the YL lemon over the doTERRA one. Many other oils I preferred the doTERRA like Frankincense, Cypress and Breath.
  • Certain oil blends are very similar: Thieves & on Guard for example. One argument is always ‘so-and-so copied the blends’. Other essential oil companies do the same thing, they come out with oil blends that are meant to target a benefit. This is how aromatherapy works, certain oils offer certain benefits and you can create blends accordingly. Because of this they will contain similar oils. That’s not a reason to choose a company.

So which oils did I prefer after using them?

After using each for a year I’ve up buying doTERRA oils because:

  • They are a little bit cheaper, this is important if you use them as often as we do.
  • Certain blends I really loved like the Breathe respiratory blend, which is one of our family’s most used oils.
  • I feel like they had a better edge with marketing. This was important to me because I wanted to pursue doTERRA with the mind to build an oil loving tribe.
  • I preferred doTERRA’s starter kits, once again this is important if you want to build a business and recommend a product. That doesn’t mean the diffuser or oils are better, that was my preference.
  • I preferred their monthly freebies. Both companies offer free oils if you buy a certain pv (point value). For example, every month doTERRA offers a free oil with 125 pv (pv is close to dollar value, although dollar tends to be higher). Young living offers more oils as freebies but you have to have a much larger order like 190pv or 300pv.

Although Young Living offers more oils ( I almost kept my account open for the Northern Lights Black Spruce because I love it so much) doTERRA ended up being my preference in general after using both oils for a year ( I used Young Living for a year, then doTERRA for 2+ years)

If you’re interested in buying doTERRA oils from me you can at retail or wholesale (keep reading for more!)

How to Order doTerra Essential Oils

There are two purchasing options if you wish to experience these wonderful essential oils:


  • 0% discount
  • No monthly order required
  • No membership required
  • No obligation to purchase or sell
  • BUY Retail Here


  • 25% discount on all orders, with a bigger discount on your starter kit
  • No monthly order required
  • No obligation to purchase or sell
  • Ability to earn bonuses and commissions for sharing oils
  • $35 membership fee for the first year, kind of like Costco (waived with a starter kit)
  • Free 15 ml bottle of peppermint essential oil with renewal
  • Regular training and support with our business building websites.
  • SUPPORT from an amazing team of women (many are diamond and even blue diamond level!)
  • Access to our private team Facebook groups.
  • Buy Wholesale HERE

Why a Wholesale Account with Me?

  • SUPPORT! This is what our team specializes in!
  • Private Facebook groups where you can connect with other members of our team
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