8 Incredible Benefits of Houseplants

Houseplants can offer a great way to add a little bit of natural beauty to your home, whether you prefer delicate orchids, dangling spider plants or easy to care for succulents.

Check out this infographic by Garden Goods Direct as we take a look at some of the ways that having a houseplant can benefit you — beyond their beauty. Here are some things houseplants can help do for you.

The Benefits Of Houseplants In Your Home

Benefits of Houseplants

There are many well known benefits of keeping houseplants.

Houseplants can help clean the air

Air filters and dehumidifiers are great tools, but what if you could do all of that with a few strategically placed houseplants? NASA’s Clean Air Study found that houseplants like spider plants, flamingo lily, English ivy and others can help to remove chemicals like benzene, ammonia, xylene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air you breathe. Check the link above for a list of all the houseplants you should be adding to your home.

Indoor plants regulate humidity inside your home

If you live in a humid environment or have a dehumidifier in every room, it might be time to invest in some houseplants. Some plants, especially those that are native to arid environments, can help reduce the ambient humidity in your home. Some of the same plants that we mentioned above as air cleaners can also help reduce humidity.

Plants lower blood pressure

Having plants in your home is good for more than just your lungs — it’s good for your heart too. More specifically, it helps your blood pressure. One study found that interacting with indoor plants helped to suppress both the sympathetic nervous system and the body’s diastolic blood pressure, effectively lowering your overall blood pressure.

benefits of house plants

Potted plant could help you recover from an illness faster

Plants help you recover from illness in two ways. First, spending time around plants helps to boost your immune system — studies have found that walking in nature and being exposed to the airborne chemicals created by plants, called phytoncides, helps to bolster your immune system.

If you are injured or ill, you should know that plants also help to reduce healing times. It has been observed that just looking at plants, trees or landscapes for a few minutes helps to reduce patient pain and anxiety, which in turn makes it easier for the body to heal itself.

Houseplants improve your focus and productivity

No one likes being stuck in a cubicle all day long, but you might be able to make it a little better by adding a couple of green plants. One study, completed in the UK and the Netherlands, found that by adding green plants to a typical office setting, employees were able to enjoy improved productivity. In fact, it’s possible to improve employee productivity by up to 15 percent by creating a green office environment.

Plants can help reduce Stress Levels

Whether you’re stressed at work or at home, having a few green plants around helps to reduce your stress levels. The same suppressive abilities that help plants lower your blood pressure can also help reduce your overall stress levels.

Plants can increase positivity

It can be hard to stay positive, which is why you need a few houseplants in your life. It’s been observed that seeing greenery and nature helps us to be more relaxed and calm. Whether you’re wandering the forest or just enjoying a plant sitting on your desk, the experience will help you feel better, which translates into your overall mood.

Use indoor plants to grow your own foods

In addition to all these other houseplant benefits, some plants also enable you to grow your own organic produce. Many small fruits and vegetables thrive in pots, as long as they get sufficient sunlight and water. Imagine being able to pick fresh strawberries for your morning smoothie in the middle of winter, or going to your window box for any herbs you might need to cook. These plants serve double duty — they make you feel better and give you some food too!

What are your favorite houseplants? Even if you have trouble keeping plants alive, it might be worth it to add a few to your home or office. Start with a succulent or an indoor plant that is easier to grow.

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