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Printable Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summers are fun and should be about trying new things and creating tradition with old favorites

After our girls learned how to fish recently I thought ‘this is great, having the kids learn new things outside’.

Indeed summer should be about being outside as much as possible.

Living in the Canadian mountains makes outdoor adventures easy here, but no matter where you live, you can make the most out of summer. I encourage you to try local seasonal foods, look up local markets and festivals, enjoy your town like a tourist, cool down in water and enjoy wild adventures in nature.

Here are some summer bucket list ideas

  1. Go on a day trip
  2. Camp in your backyard
  3. Try a new ice cream shop
  4. Enjoy a hammock
  5. Buy local food at a farmers market
  6. Look at the stars
  7. Visit a museum
  8. Enjoy your town like a tourist
  9. Hike a new trail
  10. Plant a garden
  11. Dance in the rain
  12. Try a new fruit
  13. Read 5 books
  14. Take a summer class
  15. Draw outside
  16. Grow some flowers for the bees
  17. Start a nature journal
  18. Go for a picnic
  19. Learn how to fish
  20. Head to the mountains
  21. Learn something new
  22. Geocache
  23. Try miniature golfing
  24. Spend a day at a new beach
  25. Go to a summer market or festival
  26. Water fight with friends
  27. Host a summer dinner party or BBQ
  28. Sit in silence in nature
  29. Make popsicles at home
  30. Learn a musical instrument
  31. Drink your coffee outside
  32. Rent a cabin
  33. Go on a boat or canoe
  34.  Try surfing
  35.  Watch the sunrise and sunset
  36.  Go for a bike ride
  37. Create a scrapbook
  38. Blow bubbles
  39. Make a sandcastle
  40.  Go rock hunting

PRINT OFF THIS summer bucket list Here


Fun summer bucket list to print off

What is your favorite summer tradition?


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