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Best Parsnip Recipes for Winter Comfort Food

Yummy parsnip recipesParsnip recipes are part of some of my favorite winter comfort food

Although not everyone likes the taste of parsnip roots, I absolutely love them. As a gardener they have my upmost respect in the winter garden being very cold hardy. We’ve harvested them in January here in Canada! They can even be overwintered and harvested in the springtime.

What is the best way to cook parsnips?

Parsnips taste the best when cooked. Like other root veggies, they are divine when roasted. I often roast them with carrots for a nice color and taste contrast. Parsnips are a winter root vegetable and are most commonly enjoyed during the colder months. They can be prepared in similar ways to other root veggies: mashed, roasted, sauteed, into soups, stews and pies.

Roasting brings out the sweetness in parsnips.

The part you want to consume is the root, not the leaves. Most grocery stores will only sell the root bottom part. You also want to peel them because the peel can be quite tough.

Yummy parsnip recipes

Simply roasted parsnips from Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Maple Roasted Parsnips & Carrots from Alaska from Scratch

Mashed creamy parsnips

Creamy Whipped Parsnips from Bare Root Girl

Roast garlic and parsnip soupTasty Roast Garlic and Parsnip Soup from Yummy Beet

Creamed spinach and parsnips

Creamed spinach and parsnips from Food & Wine

Girl Gone Gourmet has this wonderful winter Parsnip Salad

Honey roasted carrots and parsnips

Honey roasted carrots and parsnips from Aggies Kitchen

Curried chicken and parsnip pie from Delicious Magazine UK

Dessert parsnip pie recipe

Dessert Parsnip Pie Recipe from Food Gal

Parsnip recipes such as honey roasted parsnips or parsnip pie


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