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Winter Gardening for Beginners

Kale is very cold hardy and can be grown year round

Are you interested in winter gardening?

  • Do you want to enjoy fresh harvests longer than other gardeners?
  • Have you noticed that certain garden veggies like kale, spinach and carrots get limp with frosts then rebound all perky again?
  • Are you wanting more gardening therapy in a year?
  • Do you struggle growing cool season crops in the springtime because it gets so hot so quickly?
  • Do you have a mild climate that you can grow year-round?
  • Are you interested in using season extenders to add months to your gardening season?

Welcome to winter gardening for beginners!

Whether you get frosts, snow or if your winters are temperate, this ebook will guide you on how to enjoy winter harvests.

Winter Gardening

What you’ll learn in this ebook

  • Understand your climate & growing zone and why it’s important
  • How to choose the best crops for your location
  • Decide if you’ll use season extenders
  • How to use season extenders
  • The importance of timing your crops
  • Harvesting properly in cold temperatures
  • Pests, watering and venting
  • My top recommended cold hardy varieties
  • Overwintering for early spring harvests


Written & Photographed by

Isis Loran Gardener at Family Food Garden

Isis Loran- Winter Gardener in Canada

Isis has been winter gardening for 6 years now in the Canadian mountains. The deep snow and cold hasn’t stopped her from harvesting year-round. From low tunnels to unheated greenhouses, Isis has achieved winter harvests in her growing zone 5. The biggest challenge isn’t the winter, it’s the heat waves of the summer and fall on cool season crops. She’ll help you overcome these challenges and guide you through the best cold hardy varieties tested and tried on her mountain valley homestead.


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