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About Our Family

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We grow food, to eat food together.

Our goal is to treasure the lost art of slow food.

We spend our spare time in the Canadian mountains of British Columbia (Nelson in the west Kootenays) playing in the woods, foraging, and growing food.

We have four wonderful children that are involved in the whole process from planning to seeding, growing and harvesting to preparing the food they eat. We keep chickens, love crunchy homesteading, attachment parenting, nature and learning everything we can to increase our food self-sufficiency.

We thank you for taking the time to follow our journey and connect with us via the busy online world.

Beautiful Vegetable Gardeni

Our Garden & Location

For many years we’ve been growing food on a rocky mountainside and have managed to grow lots of healthy food. In the summer of 2017 we’re moving to the valley of the mountain, with amazing sun exposure, flat usable land and more growing potential.

Learn more about how we left the city and moved to the British Columbia mountains here.

Rasing a family in a small mountain town

We’ve loved living in the forest for over 6 years, however the biodiversity is so amazing here that the forest is actually growing into the house and garden. It’s also been a constant battle to grow food or keep chickens because of bears, which are around daily.

Family food gardening

We’re thrilled to be moving and it will be an amazing opportunity to show you the before and after photos (see below for the ‘before’. We’re blessed that this new acreage has a greenhouse!).

Starting a garden from scratch Starting a garden from scratch

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Isis Loran

Many blessings & happy gardening to all the readers

Isis Loran & Family



  1. Hi Isis

    Just a quick note to let you know that I featured a link to your Building a Herb Spiral article in The Herb Guide News issue #12

    I thought you might like to see it.

    I love your article and I’m sure my visitors will too.

    I hope this link will bring you a little (or even better a big!) boost in traffic.

    If you would like me to promote another article you have on your website, a video, a product or maybe your latest book, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me know so I can feature it in my magazine or on my Social Media pages.

    Kind Regards

    Liz Alderson

  2. You’re a permaculturalist in B.C! My husband and I practice permaculture on a small scale right now in Prince George, and plan on purchasing land to expand in the next 10 years. We are developing our own blog right now, and I’m thrilled to find yours! Do you have anything new you are hoping to try this year?

  3. Hello Isis!
    I just found your blog today and I am excited to read about your gardening and homesteading adventures. My husband and I left the city in 2012 and while we are not at all as remote as your family is, we do have our nice little patch of wooded land and the ever-expanding food garden. We love living out here in the rural farmland area and while suburbia is ever-encroaching, we will hold fast to our plot of land. No going back!

    • Hi Angela, thank you for connecting. We live in a rural area that’s quite populated now! We moved a couple of years back. 🙂 I miss having the woods in our backyard, we have to *gasp* drive 5 mins now. Enjoy your homesteading journey

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