Spring Vegetables

Spring is an amazing time, especially if you live in a northern climate.

Spring eating is lighter after long winters of craving heavier meals. Wild spring greens tend to be bitter, as are many homegrown greens or ones available at the farmer’s market. Bitter greens are full of vitamins and help with digestion.

One thing to note for seasonal spring eating is a trend of lighter eating: baby salad leaves, bitter greens, fresh herbs & certain fruit

Spring vegetables to eat in season

First of all, what spring vegetables are in season greatly depends on your climate.

If you live in zone 3, spring might not arrive until May. If you are lucky and live in a zone 8 then your spring is much sooner. The first ‘day’ of spring is in March, but some have snow then and some are able to purchase foods that are in season already. I live in zone 5, somewhat in the middle of these two.

Ways to Get Spring Vegetables

  • Eating veggies that were directly sown in the springtime from your garden or farmers market
  • Harvesting perennials and offer early harvests
  • Using spring season extenders like hoop tunnels or cold frames to get extra early harvests. We’re thankful we grow food year-round in a greenhouse
  • Overwintering veggies for late winter and early spring harvests
  • Foraging for wild edibles like dandelions, nettles, wild leeks & more

Spring vegetables and fruits that are in season for seasonal eating

Vegetables that are in Season in Spring

Overwintered veggies:  Parsnips, arugula, spinach, mache, overwintered greens, and even forgotten about baby potatoes!

Early spring gardening with season extenders for a year round garden: Arugula, spinach, mache, mustards, baby greens, radishes.


What vegetables are in season in the spring?

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