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Calendula Cream Lotion Recipe
I adapted this calendula cream recipe from the basic lotion recipe in the Homesteaders Herbal Companion’ book. This is a slight variation to make a calendula cream lotion. You’ll want to infuse calendula oil for this recipe. but you can also buy calendula oil.
    • 0.5oz beeswax pastillesor grated beeswax bars
    • 4oz calendula oilYou can use grapeseed, sweet almost oil or olive oil if you wanted to make this basic lotion recipe instead
    • 4oz water, herbal tea, or hydrosolYou could steep calendula petals into a herbal tea.
    • 10drops Vitamin E
    • 15drops essential oils (optional)I only add 5 drops of lavender essential oils when making baby calendula cream.
    1. Weigh the beeswax and oil of choice in a wide-mouth mason jar
    2. Place the jar in a small saucepan that has been filled with a couple of inches of water. Bring the water to a boil and melt the beeswax in the oil.
    3. Remove the jar from the pan and allow it to cool to room temperature. The wax will begin hardening, making the oil cloudy-looking. If you waited too long melt it down again.
    4. Stir the water, vitamin E and optional essential oils together in a separate container.
    5. Slowly add the water mix to the oil/beeswax mix while using an immersion blender to whip it to a thick and creamy consistency.
    6. Store in a closed container at room temperature for about two months. Longer if refrigerated.